Luxury KOSHER Vacation Apartments Available Near The Mamilla Mall

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Luxury KOSHER Vacation Apartments Available Near The Mamilla Mall
4 Rooms
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Mamilla, Jerusalem, Israel Talbiya

 Looking for a great vacation apartment in Mamilla? Jerusalem Apartment Rentals has luxurious 2,3 and 4 bedroom KOSHER apartments located right in the area. These apartments are located in King David's Village,in the new luxury King David's Residence,RIGHT ON the Mamilla Mall and other fantastic locations nearby.  They are fully furnished luxury apartments,Strictly Kosher and equipped with EVERYTHING you will need for your stay in Jerusalem. All these apartments are within walking distance to the Old City,the Kotel,all the major hotels and downtown Jerusalem.

See the list below of our apartments. By Clicking on each apartment you can see pictures and get information about each apartment! Feel free to contact us with any questions and for further information.
Mamilla Duplex 702 3 Master Bedrooms
16 Yitzchak Kariv St. Mamilla Mall 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths
Mamilla Mall Apartment 802 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

1 Eliyahu Shama St. 4 Bedrooms,4 Full Bath Duplex  (Sleeps Up To 14!) 

 14 Yitzhak Kariv Street 2 Bedrooms,2 Full Baths 

 Yitzhak Kariv Street II  2 Bedrooms,2 Baths On The Mamilla Mall

Waldorf Astoria Residences

Waldorf Astoria Residences 4 Bedrooms,4 Full Baths 2 Balconies 

King David’s Residence

 Apartment 104 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 107 4 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths 

Apartment 108 2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

Apartment 110 3 Bedrooms,3 Baths

Apartment 113 2 Bedrooms,2 Baths 

Apartment 114 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths
Apartment 202 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 203 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

Apartment 205 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

 Apartment 207 3 Bedrooms,2 Full Baths

Apartment 208 3.5 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 401 4 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

Apartment 405 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

King David’s Village
38 Yismach Melech Street  3 Bedrooms,1.5 Baths
On Yismach Melech Street  2 Bedrooms,2 Baths Private Pool
Private Penthouse  4 Bedrooms,4 Baths

 Neot Deshe St. King David's Village 1 Bedroom,1.5 Baths Ground Floor

40 Yismach Melech St. 1 Bedroom,1.5 Baths 

Kikar HaMusica (Music Square)

12 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset Apt. AB-A   2 Bedrooms,1 Bath

12 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset  Apt AB-E   2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

12 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset Apt. AB-G  2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

12 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset  Apt AB-H 4 Bedrooms,3 Baths

12 Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset Apt. C         2 Bedrooms,2 Baths 

Musrara (Morasha)
3 Elisha Street 5th Floor 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths


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