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Special for Pesach, massage for women

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Massage for Women, special rates for Pesach

Clean your inner hametz!!!

Let your light shine : facial aromatic mud masks and massage - 50 NIS

"From slavery to redemption"- Full Body Massage - 160 NIS

"Exodus from Egypt" Reflexology - 130 NIS

"Parting of the sea" Lymphatic drainage - 80 NIS

Optional Guided Meditation & Aromatherpy can be included in all treatments

All treatments enhanced by use of the highest quality organic essential oils

- with scents of your choice.

*Barter in exchange for services is possible!

Certified massage practitioner, integrating Aromatherapy, Reflexology and herbal remedies.

w/ 12 years experience. working w/ women, girls and babies.

contact: Or McLean- 054-3522-662

[email protected]