In the Presence of the Beloved


In the Presence of the Beloved

I am Anne Seham and I offer a process of soulful self-discovery. For almost 30 years I have been supporting my clients in reconnecting with the most profound essential parts of themselves, as well as reclaiming what has been exiled.

I offer this self-discovery through presence and creating sacred intimate safe space. In that space are many possibilities including conversation, creative expression, exploring dreams, whatever you would like to bring. I offer one-on-one hour sessions virtually and in person. If you feel you are looking for this kind of support on your journey, please be in touch with me.
054 766 1696
[email protected]

A few testimonials:

"I've had the privilege of both studying with Anne and being her client. In both settings I've learned so much about myself. Anne creates a deeply safe and open space which has allowed me to hold myself with such deep compassion and openness, something I've never experienced before. This profound work has taught me to make space for myself and others in a way I never imagined. Anne is caring, skillful, and astute and I can't recommend her enough."

"Working with you has been so important for me to open myself to vulnerability, to strengthening my honesty and my honest humility, to integrate things that may be hard to face at very subtle levels. I am very grateful for your compassion and attention that have, in turn, enhanced my own attention and compassion towards myself and towards others ."