Licensed Investment Management in Israel - Wise Money Israel


Licensed Investment Management in Israel - Wise Money Israel

Want to wisely invest your money in Israel in the local stock and bond market, but don’t know how?
Want to speak with a licensed professional in English about your investments, but don’t know where?
We can help.

Wise Money Israel is licensed by the Israel Securities Authority as a Portfolio Management firm. Our
native English-speaking financial professionals on staff can help you setup and manage your Israeli
investment account. Whether you are a small, conservative investor, or a larger investor more
comfortable with risk-taking, we tailor a portfolio of Israeli stocks and bonds to accomplish your
investment objectives.

With over 400 clients, we help both Israeli and internationals achieve their investment goals through
solid, long-term investing relying on fundamental analysis of the market.

WMI helps individuals, couples, partnerships, organizations and IRAs around the world to invest in
Israeli stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.

We have made our clients solid returns as they faithfully continue year-over-year to entrust us with
their investment needs.

Setup a free consultation here to speak with one of our financial professionals regarding your
particular investment needs.