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Private Gynecologist in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - Dr. Amy Kesselman

02-563-5673 / 03-612-2322 [email protected]
60 Diskin JLM / 43 Brodetsky TA

Highly Personalized & Comprehensive Gynecology and Women's Health

Dr. Amy Kesselman, MD, FACOG

·Female U.S. and Israel Board Certified Gynecologist

·Former Asst. Prof. of Gynecology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Dr. Kesselman provides highly personalized and comprehensive gynecology care for each patient, in a professional and caring setting

03-612-2322 - 43 Brodetsky, Tel Aviv (adjacent to the Ramat Aviv Mall)

02-563-5673 -60 Diskin Street, Jerusalem                

Clinic whatsapp +972-58-563-5673     

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