Support religious robotics team getting to World competition


Support religious robotics team getting to World competition

Hi everyone,

We are a Robotics team from Modiin Israel who are on the 3rd place in the Israeli ranking and therefore we qualified to go to the World Robotics Competition which takes place in Houston/Texas from April 19th-22nd. This Robotics team, called TRIGON #5990, is a part of FIRST (FRC) and has about 45 members. Due to the financial challenge with this project, we are only able to send 18 students with 5 chaperons to this event.

What makes all of this so special?

First of all our team reached this accomplishment without real mentors like all the other teams have (like from the Tech industry or the army).

Second, we are the very first all religious team ever which is able to represent Israel in the FIRST Robotics World Competition.

And last but not least it is an honor to represent the State of Israel and the STEM accomplishments of young Israeli High School students to the World.

So, how can you help us?

  1. Donations

We would appreciate your help. If you would donate some money, that would be amazing. You can find all the details regarding donations on our website:

If you want to support us just use the links and wire options listed on the website.

Important: Add the comment “Towards Amit Modiin Robotics team“

2. Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring us please contact us via email.
We will be more than happy to discuss how to advertise you or your business connected with the sponsorship.

We would be happy if you decide to support us.

Thanks and Chag sameach

Sincerely yours,

The TRIGON- team

For further questions or any other inquiry please contact us via email

[email protected]



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