Mar 01, 2020 | News | Jerusalem & Area

Ziva Glanz: Israel's Only Frum Woman Rainmaker

By day, 39 year-old Ziva Glanz guides major international investors through Israeli bureaucracy, helping them bring their projects to fruition. On Shabbat, she’s a rebbetzin, organizing tischin for up to 200 boys from the yeshiva where her bekeshe-wearing husband is a mashgiach ruchani or hosting roshei yeshiva from all over the world.

Glanz was raised in Passaic, NJ and made aliyah with her family when she was in 10th grade. Growing up in a frum home and attending day schools gave her a strong background, which she built on by enrolling in a completely Israeli school. “I was thrown in the lion’s den,” she recalled. “I had to lose the accent so as not to get bullied.”

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