Updated: 42 Free and Useful Android Applications including Track Virus and IZEE TV


Updated: 42 Free and Useful Android Applications including Track Virus and IZEE TV

Hi Everyone!

I updated my list of free and useful Android applications.
The list has 42 free and useful applications that I recommend. 
Several of the programs are supported by ads and some have 
ad-free paid versions. 
After each application description is a link to its download page. 
Note to Apple users: Many of these applications are also 
available for Apple iOS devices.
I am not connected or know any of the developers / owners.
There are no affiliate links or advertising on my page.

The 6 new additions are:

1. Track Virus - Israelis developed this new app, in partnership with 
United Hatzalah of Israel, that lets the user know if she or he has 
been exposed to someone diagnosed with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.
The information is kept anonymously on each smartphone and 
is not uploaded to the cloud. Downloading does not require any form 
of identification or information gathering.

The app works by crosschecking a person's path with the paths of 
confirmed patients of the coronavirus as listed by the Health Ministry. 
Should a person have been in a location where a confirmed ill person 
was they will receive a notification on their app. 
It is important to note that the application only works from the time 
it is downloaded and not retroactively.

2. Zap Price Comparison - presenting more than a million products from 
1,300 e-commerce stores. Compare prices for each product, 
read users reviews on products and stores, get detailed products specs.

3. Weather Forecast - forecasts weather daily & hourly

4. IZEE TV - allows watching Israeli national free to air channels for free. 
No subscription required.

5. Silent Mode - Turn your phone on silent mode for a period of time. 
Useful when going to a movie, attending a meeting or when sleeping. 
Simply set the phone to automatically come out of the silent mode afterwards.

6. Tfilon - is a free siddur.
Shows Hebrew with perfect Nikud 
Shows Halachic Zmanim for 120 cities around the world. 
Switch dates on sunset 
All additions show when needed 
Random Dvar Torah before Birkat HaMazon 
Nusachs available: Ashkenaz, Sfard and Edot Hamizrach

Tfilot available in Tfilon: Shacharit - including Musaf when needed, 
Mincha, Arvit, Kriat Shma on the bed, Birkat Hamazon, Mein Shalosh, 
Sheva Brachot, Seder Brit Mila, Bore Nefashot, Asher Yatzar, 
Tfilat HaDerech, Kidush/Birkat Levana.

The list of 42 apps also includes:

- PriceZ 
Israeli food price comparison

- WhatsApp Messenger

- Moovit 
Public transit app and mapping service 

- Google Maps

- QR & Barcode Scanner

- Waze GPS Maps and Traffic
The world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. 

- My MDA  
App that significantly streamlines the process of locating 
and reaching Israelis in distress

- Police 100 
One button to contact Israeli police emergency 100.
Your location is also sent to them at the same time.

- Red Color Tzeva Adom 
Provides real-time alerts when missiles or rockets are fired into Israel.

- GraveZ:
Search for deceased in Israel - fill in the deceased's information 
and it will help you narrow the search results according to range of 
year of passing and cemetery region. The interface is in English

- VLC:
Media player that is free and can play any video and audio files, 
as well as network streams. VLC is intended for everyone, is totally free, 
has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed 
by passionate volunteers. 
It is one of the best music / video players. 

Quickly listen to Live Radio Stations from Israel and from around the world.
The connections are done via the Internet so there is no need for earphone Antenea. 
Rlive is also available via your PC web browser without the app.

- Speedtest by Ookla
Internet speed and performance test

- Morfix
Comprehensive and accurate English Hebrew and 
Hebrew English dictionary and translation free app.

- Sefaria
Sefaria delivers 3,000 years of Jewish texts - Torah, Tanakh, 
Mishnah, Talmud, and more) to your smartphone. All texts in 
the library are available in Hebrew along with a growing body 
of English translations. Search by keyword or browse the 
table of contents to explore texts, translations, and commentaries.

The 42 free and useful applications, descriptions and links are posted at:

Feedback is welcome.

If there is a free, useful app that you use, recommend, and
is not listed, please send me the app name and link and 
I will consider it for a future update.

Please share. Many of your friends and relatives will appreciate
learning about these useful apps.
Thank you!

Have a good day,
Jacob Richman


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