Functional Lab Testing


Functional Lab Testing
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Each year an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the air & water in The United States alone, with approximately 80,000 different chemicals. Less than 10% have had any safety evaluations. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to limit exposure to chemicals, reduce their negative impact on health and remove them from the body.

“Better Living Through Chemistry” was a sales slogan used by a major chemical company back the 1930’s. As we advance in our ability to make products that are more efficient and effective, we have also increased our toxic burden in the world. Chemicals play a significant role in many of the products that we take for granted in modern society such as adhesives, ceramics, electronics, plastics and petroleum. Modern agriculture is an area where the use of specific chemicals has allowed for mass food production resistant to common pests. However, the impact of these chemicals on the environment and human health can be severe and lasting. We have yet to fully uncover the long-term effects of these chemicals in our environment, in our food and in our bodies. One of the most vulnerable groups at risk for the detrimental effects of various chemicals are pregnant women. In research done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) the exposure rates to various chemicals such as “polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides, PFCs, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and perchlorate were detected in 99–100% of pregnant women.” Birth defects and developmental disabilities such as autism are often linked to chemical exposures. The chemical glyphosate, which is used worldwide in a popular herbicide, is now suspected to be the causative agent in various birth defects, premature babies and miscarriages. Glyphosate is suspected in the increased rates of many other diseases, including various cancers, diabetes, dementia and other neurological disorders.

One very valuable lab test I've been using for the past 17 years is the Organic Acid Test or OAT for short. This test measures over 70 markers of metabolism. These metabolic markers can indicate problems in many areas of health. Here is a free link to a comprehensive informative booklet on OAT.  

From a Grateful Mom "Our son Y. suffered from anxiety his whole life. We took him to a few therapists, he needed to take Prozac at two different points in his life, and he said he always felt like he had "a black cloud" hovering over his day. He would call us multiple times from yeshiva during the day to tell us that he feels very nervous and anxious, and we just didn't' know what to do for him. We sent to see Dr. Rosenberg when we heard glowing recommendations about him from a relative of ours who had achieved great results using him. Dr. Rosenberg was patient, kind, and extremely thorough. He recommended some testing for our son, and based on the results, he set our son up with a vitamin regimen. This was 6 months ago, and our son is a different child. He's calm, happy, well adjusted and "the cloud"' has gone away. All he does is take some very healthy vitamins, not dangerous medication, and BH he's doing so well! Thank you Dr. Rosenberg! We are just so grateful to you for all you have done for our son. Keep up the good work! A very grateful parent."

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