Tamar Varon M.Sc. Adult and Child Psychotherapist


Tamar Varon M.Sc. Adult and Child Psychotherapist

Adult and Child Psychotherapist

Offering professional therapy on a sliding scale for a range of emotional and behavioral difficulties, including post-partum depression, anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, addictions, and marital-relationship difficulties.  

I use an eclectic approach in therapy, combining psychodynamic, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral/mindfulness, and gestalt.  In addition, I work with children with ADHD, fears, and behavioral challenges, using art and play therapy.

My services also provide social skills workshops for children which help them to build self esteem, to develop self expression, to increase  problem-solving abilities, to improve impulse control, and to develop skills and inner creativity. 

Fall update:
- Resuming Courses in Art & Play Therapy
- Bi-weekly support/ therapeutic groups for Adult children of Narcissistic parents/Abuse survivors

I see clients in our offices in Jerusalem, RBS, & Moshav Matityahu.

Contact me at:
Cel. 058-672-0213
email: [email protected]