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DBA, Web, Marcom & Tech Writing Services


We have been helping people put all the pieces together to meet and exceed their company’s goals for more than 25 years and will be happy to provide you with Marketing & Technical Communications, Database Administration, and Process Improvement services.

We don’t provide “Faster than a speeding bullet…” service or believe in scaring clients into purchasing bleeding edge technology they may not be ready for, or ever really need. Why?

  1. We don’t have a crystal ball and therefore don’t feel qualified to make far-fetched predictions.
  2. We grew up during a period when work ethics meant honesty and integrity first and won’t compromise on those principles for a quick, short-term payout.
  3. We view ourselves as partners in our client’s success and, therefore, feel obligated to keep their best interests in mind.

We pride ourselves on making educated decisions and recommendations based on a solid foundation of experience acquired over more than 25 years working with a diverse group of businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and government entities worldwide.

This doesn’t mean that we’re not up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and market trends, it means that we invest the proper time to evaluate your goals and needs against the backdrop of our experience in order to provide you with solutions that we feel best fit your big picture.

We currently service clients in Israel, USA, Canada & Europe. Please contact us - Michael & Tehillah Hessler - to further discuss your needs.

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