Paz to set up Israeli fast EV charging network and my opinion


Paz to set up Israeli fast EV charging network and my opinion

Hi Everyone!

Paz gas stations and other Israeli chains

are beginning to setup electric vehicle

charging stations all over Israel. They are

also getting into installing home charging

stations. See article at:

I think this is very good for the country.

Switching our reliance on imported gasoline to electric

vehicles that run off our natural gas power stations and

in the future renewable energy, is good.

Electric cars are still very expensive but the charging

infrastructure will also expand to include electric buses and

electric semi-trailers.

With all the problematic things going on with this government,

at least the electrification of the railways that started a

few years ago is continuing.

I have been watching quite a few video clips

about the new electric semi-trailers that are

entering the market this year. The Tesla semi-trailer,

when it finally reaches the market, is very cool.

Not only will electric semi-trailer trucks reduce

the import of gasoline, it will replace the desiel

fueled trucks that pollute the air. The electric

trucks are much cheaper to run and maintain

than desiel trucks.

There are over 37 million trucks in the USA

including over 5.5 million semi-trailers.

Tesla claims that its new electric semi-trailer

will save over $200,000 per year per semi-trailer.

When these trucks are available, and actually

begin to save companies alot of money, the

changeover will be relatively quick. Depending

on supplies, it could be just as quick as the

switch from phone land lines to mobile lines that

everyone has witnessed.

Major companies like Pepsico, Walmart,

Coca-Cola, etc.. are already testing and

ordering trucks for their fleets. It is a good start.

BTW - Pepsico, the biggest fleet,

has 9,308 semi-trailers - and thousands

of regular trucks. They ordered 100 semi-trailers

from Tesla. A drop in the bucket but at least a start.

This reminds me of the start of the desktop PC

and the start of portable phones.

Right before my aliyah back in 1984, I spent

several months selling computers and software

in a store in Brooklyn. I remember the first

IBM clones with 2 floppy drives and green text.

It was very expensive.

I also remember when Radio Shack would

advertise those big bulky mobile phones

which were very, very expensive and only

the rich could afford them.

Oh, and I remember back in college, connecting

to the Internet with an acoustic coupler modem

with the speed of 1,200 bits per second.

Today, with fiber, the home user can get speeds

of 500 megabytes for a reasonable price.

I am a big fan of solar energy but the costs

for the average household to convert is still

high. But remember that the cost of a water heater

back in the early 1980s, the dud shemesh on the roof,

probably started high. Today, it is hard to find a roof in Israel

that does not have one.

Electric cars are great. I drove one at

Better Place back in 2010:

I think the electric buses, electric trains and

electric semi-trailers will have a bigger affect

on the average Israeli.

There are many companies planning to bring out electric semi-trailers.

However, if Tesla succeeds, I think Tesla's can take a large slice of the market.

Here is a short new video about the new truck:

Here is a video over a year old, but also about the Tesla semi-trailer:

The technology world is changing very quickly.

I think it is very interesting to follow and watch it develop.

Feedback is welcome.

Have a good night,


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