TERMEX - Heating Engineering


TERMEX - Heating Engineering

TERMEX - Heating Engineering was founded in 2002, by Alex Verkhivkin a heating system engineer with a master's degree and many years of experience in Israel and abroad.

We specialize in providing consultation, design, construction and maintenance services for various types of underfloor heating systems and hot water adapted for home and institutional environment. The systems we work among are underfloor heating systems that run on energy produced through heat pumps and gas/diesel powered heaters.
We at TERMEX provide engineering solutions for a wide range of projects such as: Swimming pools, Turkish baths, Designing and building of heated walls, High wattage consuming water heating & efficient - with the combination of solar energy, Mikveh heating and more.
Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are committed to provide the precise and most appropriate solutions for establishing unique and individual systems for luxury homes or any other engineering challenge.
At TERMEX - Heating Engineering you will receive personal guidance- from consultation, designing and construction of the project, up to the operating and maintaining phase. The process is accompanied by an experienced engineer and co-working with all professionals on field, such as architects, labor inspectors, plumbing engineers, electrical engineers and more. The projects are carried out by the company's organic team, independent of external subcontractors.
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