Gentle Chiropractic in Jerusalem


Gentle Chiropractic in Jerusalem
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Chiropractic adjustments are fun and easy.  From the very young to the young at heart. 

Gentle Chiropractic here in Jerusalem.

Dr. Esomer Brim--American Board Certified Chiropractor

18 years experience helping kids grow up without pain--ear infections, growing pains, scoliosis, development delays, ADHD, and coordination issues.Elbows and wrists that go out of place.

18 years helping adults heal from all sorts of ailments.  Headaches, back and neck pain, shoulders, knees, fertility issues, digestive disorders.  Growing pains and lack of growth heal well with Chiropractic.

You don't have to tell me what is going on.  We check your spine and remove nerve pressure that is preventing healing.  When we release that pressure the body heals on its own.

Everybody can benefit from Chiropractic care and you might as well enjoy the process.  Gentle chiropractic to improve your life! 

Chiropractors work with your nervous system enhancing the way your body works.