Freeman Chiropractic - Givat Shaul


Freeman Chiropractic - Givat Shaul

Dr. Yitzchack (Gary) Freeman - Jerusalem Chiropractor since 2003

87' Grad of Cleveland Chiropractic College.
Hands-on treatment . Simple, do-it-yourself home-care stratagies.
Core Stabilization Training. Sports Massage.  
Safe for seniors, pregnant woman, and infants. 
If you have been told "Learn to live with it" or "Let's try an injection," call us for a second opinion. 

See YouTubes below and then other patients talking about their positive and permanent outcomes.


Clients Satisfaction

Larry Brandt
Fixed my lifelong back pain!
1 year ago

I had a nagging issue with back pain if I sat on the floor too long or sat playing violin for any amount of time. Thanks to Dr Freeman's exercises which I did every day leading up to 9 Av, I sat through all the kinot pain-free!