Senior Software Development Team Lead in Beitar Illit


Senior Software Development Team Lead in Beitar Illit
Full Time

This position is for fluent English-speakers only. Only applicants who speak, read, and write English on a mother-tongue level will be considered.

המשרה מיועדת רק לדוברי, כותבי, וקוראי אנגלית שוטפת בלבד.

Please send resume/CV (English only) and salary requirements to [email protected].

This is NOT an entry-level position. Professional experience (not including school projects) is required.

BenManage Ltd. is a growing chareidi software development firm in Beitar Illit which is developing an HR/Insurance technologies used by large businesses in the United States, primarily in the healthcare industry. We have a friendly, team-oriented work-environment. We hire innovators and offer them an environment where they can contribute to both the design and development of new and exciting solutions for our customers. Our philosophy in technology is extremely forward-thinking. We are constantly embracing new technologies and our employees are expected to continually learn on the job.

We are looking for a talented team leader with strong development skills, as well as the ability to manage others and weigh in on software architecture. We are looking for someone who is comfortable in a management role, yet still enjoys coding and working with emerging technologies; and is constantly interested in learning new skills and innovating.

If you are looking for an opportunity to use new and bleeding edge technologies to build powerful systems, BenManage is the place for you!

Basic Requirements:

  • English on a mother-tongue level. All communication (including the interview process) is done in English.
  • 5+ years working as a developer as part of a team
  • Ability to oversee projects and manage others
  • 2+ years working with third-party integrations (web services and/or REST APIs)
  • Strong computer science fundamentals in design, data structures, and problem solving
  • Experience developing and supporting operationally critical systems
  • Cloud technology experience, such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud APIs
  • Strong experience using JavaScript outside of web pages (e.g. node.js)
  • Strong RDBMS experience (MySQL preferred)
  • Experience with one of the following frameworks: React (preferred), Vue, Angular
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership of projects, including:
    • Motivation to drive tasks to completion and take ownership of projects
    • Ability to communicate with stakeholders about software requirements
    • Defining clear specifications
    • Understanding testing requirements
    • Ability to respond to and communicate with stakeholders about production issues

Preferred Skills

  • TypeScript
  • Microservices
  • Event-based architecture or messaging systems, such as SQS or ActiveMQ
  • NoSQL (e.g. DynamoDB or MongoDB)
  • Proficiency using modern web development technologies and techniques, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Strong debugging and testing skills
  • Experience migrating from legacy systems
  • Experience with automated testing
  • CI/CD
  • Linux shell commands and scripting
  • Docker

We currently use and/or are planning on using the following technologies in our products:

  • Javascript: Node.js, React, TypeScript
  • Web: HTML5 and CSS3
  • C#
  • MySQL / Amazon Aurora
  • Git
  • AWS Cloud Services, including: API Gateway, Athena, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CodeBuild, DynamoDB, EC2, ECS, ElastiCache (Redis), Kinesis, Lambda, Lex, Polly, QLDB, RDS, Route53, S3, SES, SNS, SQS, Step Functions, Transcribe, Translate, VPC

Please send resume/CV (English only) and salary requirements to [email protected].


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