Cup o' Torah is a place for mid-age singles to "Meet & Share"


Cup o' Torah is a place for mid-age singles to "Meet & Share"
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 11/09/2022 18/11/2022 Starts 12:00 Ends 12:00

Cup o' Torah is an opportunity for mid-aged singles to learn from and about each other. It was established in February 2022 in the merit of a refuah shleima for Jackie Bitensky, Yaacova Ariella Bat Fruma.

Since its inception, Cup o' Torah has featured Zoom classes with a variety of guest presenters, but with the start of the Jewish New Year we're now changing to a format where singles will present to other singles.

We're ready for your submission! Cup o' Torah is now accepting, from members, brief Torah ideas that will be featured both in the WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Info on joining Cup o' Torah is found a drop below.

Please read the Presentation Guidelines...

We'd like you to send your Torah idea first to an Admin for review and helpful comment.

Presentations are to be brief, either a number of written paragraphs or a recorded video of 2-4 minutes. They should have clarity, inspire, and be factual. That's all we ask...

Since Cup o' Torah is a place for mid-age singles to "Meet & Share," included with all featured presentations will be a personal bio of the presenter (a photo is helpful, if you're not submitting a video), and your bio should feature some dating information. We hope this learning initiative will lead to more connections for the purposes of dating. Singles are always requesting more places to meet others. Cup o' Torah is one answer to that... especially if people participate actively. We have members from multiple countries.

Join the Facebook group here:

And this is the join link for the WhatsApp group:

(On the Cup o' Torah Facebook group, members can actively comment on presentations by other members.)

If you'd like to present yourself, or just listen in, join Cup o' Torah using the links above. See you on Cup o' Torah and Shana Tovah!


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