Personal Care 4yr Beloved Pet @ our Home Dog Pension


Personal Care 4yr Beloved Pet @ our Home Dog Pension
Available 24/7 0522425784 [email protected]


Dog loving family offers home pension
Central Tel Aviv location, close to dog park
Individual care and attention
regular exercise,  3-4 daily walks

TLC 4 your Pet @ our Home Dog Pension ; If you're looking for super home dog care  and attention for your beloved pet whilst you're away, you've come to the right posting and address  at the Randel Family Home Dog Pension in central Tel Aviv   

       We have  2-3 dogs at a time, each of whom receives individual attention, lots of TLC in a family environment. Reasonable daily weekly monthly rates. We are located on Tchernihovski street in central Tel Aviv, adjacent to dog friendly Gan Meir.

Travel abroad or go away on that much needed weekend break when your beloved pet is at the RFHDP - Randel Family Home Dog Pension. Short and long term stays. daily dog walking service, on a regular or sporadic basic as you need.   Our son Daniel did sherut leumi (national service) with seeing eye dogs and has his own small dog walking operation.

The pension side handled by the dad Dov on second stage of life and enjoying the company of the dogs.  Diamond, the sweet border collie mix who has now passed away,  spent a number of months with us, flew home to Takoma, Md  for family reunification with her papa  stateside. see below from Glenn and Diamond. She and the other dogs have become part and parcel of our family and this is where the personal touch comes in. If anyone needs a home for a short or extended period, we are happy to take in your pet and your pet will be happy with us.

We look forward to renewing our canine contacts in 2020 and thereafter.

Brachot, Dov Randel 052 242 5784 03 -525 7166


taking bookings for 2020, chagim; short and long term stays

some random recommendations and testimonials form happy dog owners (and particularly the dogs themselves)

from Rinat,  Billie z"l  

Rinat Mashal   אמא של בילי ז"ל

תודה דב על כל העידוד וגם על זה שאתה ודניאל טיפלתם בבילי בכזו מסירות ואכפתיות. גם שהיה קשה והיא קיבלה פריצת דיסק בגב אני זוכרת ומוקירה את דניאל שלא ויתר והרים אותה כל צהרים במדרגות. מעטים האנשים שמטפלים כך בבעלי חיים ובייחוד שהם לא שלהם. זה היה מחמם את הלב לראות ולדבר איתך הערב.


from Leslie, Trixi the black Labrador's dad:

After having boarded my dear Trixi many times with the Randel family, Trixi really feels as if it is her second home. When we walk near their apartment, she pulls and cannot wait to get there.

I know that Dov and his family do their utmost to make the pets feel good  and it  is a great pleasure to deal with them. It makes going away so much easier as one knows  that one's pet is well taken care

of.  <[email protected]>


 Glenn, Diamond RIP papa:   Diamond spent a number of months with us before she moved with Glenn to the US. Sadly died of kidney failure at ripe old age of 15, vet recommended not to prolong undue suffering)  

quote unquote:  I could not have been happier with the care my dog received from Dov and his family.  They looked after her, and worried about her, as well as I would have – maybe even better.

I travel a lot, my work takes me to the US for months and Diamond was happily ensconced at Dov's Home Dog Pension. He did all the necessary to send her over to me when I was ready for it.   

 I have a great dog, but she needs a lot of love and attention and she got that from the Randels.  The periodic updates and pictures I received from Dov put me at ease as I could tell she was receiving the very best of care.  I recommend them highly.

Glenn Stein [email protected]

and from Mandy and Leigh, Coco  the toy poodle's folks : Coco at the Randel Family Home dog Pension Our toy Maltese, who thinks she is human, cannot stay with us at present due to our current accommodation regulations as Olim Chaddashim, and we were most fortunate to find Dov Randel's home pension dog care listing on the Internet.

Going the extra mile wasn't a problem for Dov: he collected Coco from the airport and took such good care of her that when we visited, somewhat anxiously, after three days in Israel, we were enthusiastically greeted by our happy pet, who nevertheless made it clear that she was pleased to see us but was also most enjoying her 'aliyah' - she 'showed' us her comfortable couch and gave Dov a 'love jump', a way she has of jumping up and nosing the back of one's leg to show fondness.

She also readily responded to Hebrew commands, amazing for an 'English-speaking' dog! Dov has kept us supplied with a steady stream of happy pics and we could not be more satisfied with the love, care and attention Coco is receiving. We miss our pet and can't wait to have her back with us but we will most certainly ask Dov to take care of her in the future when we go on holiday or business trips in the future.


A big thank you to the Randel family! Mandy and Leigh Steele Raanana Absorption Centre

 Amanda, Hetz's mama: Hetz was so happy at Dov's dog pension during our sojourn abroad.  I can thoroughly recommend his services.

A number of veterinarians board their own dogs with us after inspecting and checking us out.

English translation follows the Hebrew:

 Noa Harell, DVM Tel Aviv, Israel

כלבתי האישית בלה נשארת בפנסיון של דב במהלך השנה האחרונה בנסיעות המשפחתיות.

היא הולכת אליו בשמחה רבה, וחוזרת מאושרת ומטופלת היטב. כוטרינרית, אני ממליצה גם ללקוחותי להשאיר את כלביהם בפנסיון של דב, כאשר הם יכולים להיות בטוחים שכלביהם מקבלים את היחס והטיפול הטוב והמסור ביותר. 

 ד"ר נועה הראל, רופאה וטרינרית

My own dog Bella has stayed at Dov's Pension over the past years during our family vacations.  She goes to him with great joy, and returns happy, in good spirits and well taken care of.  As a Vet, I recommend Dov's pension to our clients and their dogs. They can be sure their dogs receive the best possible care and dedicated treatment.

Dr Noa Harel, DVM [email protected] 

מהגר, אמא של מיק

  ברצוני להמליץ בחום על הפנסיון הביתי של דב: הוא אכן ביתי וחם, כך שהכלב לא מרגיש ש"נזנח" על ידי הבעלים, מקבל שפע של פינוקים (שאין לו בבית) ונמצא בחברותה נעימה של אנשים טובים וחברים-כלבים. כשהכלב שלי חוזר מהפנסיון ניכר עליו באופן ברור שהוא במצב מאושר ונינוח, ללא גילויי כעס או מירמור (כפי שקורה לעיתים אצל כלבים לאחר פרידה), והמעבר בחזרה אל חיים רגילים הוא חלק.
כמו כן דב דואג לתשאל לגבי הכלב להכיר כל כלב שמתארח אצלו בפנסיון באופן אישי ופרטני, כך שהוא מודע היטב לצרכים הייחודיים של הכלב מבכל בחינה, כך שהכלב מטופל בצורה הטובה ביותר האפשרית.  מעבר לטובתו האישית של הכלב, גם אני, כבעליו, רגועה לחלוטין בנסיעה ומפקידה את כלבי בידי דב בעיניים עצומות ובלב שקט ובוטח, מתוך ידיעה שדב יוכל לענות על כל בעייה שחלילה תתרחש עם הכלב, יעדכן אותי בקורותיו, ויעניק לו שהייה שמחה ועליזה
Hagar, Mick's mommy:   I would like to highly recommend Dov's home dog family pension.
It is indeed a "home" away from home, so the dog does not feel abandoned by the owner. At Dov's they get plenty of treats, interact with good people and doggy friends.
When my dog came back from Dov's home dog pension, it was abundantly clear that he was in a happy, relaxed, state. No displays of anger or "mirmor" (bitter feeling, as sometimes happens  with dogs after separation and other places). Transition back to normal life is immediate.
In addition when I arrived with my dog Mick,  Dov questioned me about  his habits, likes and dislikes, thus getting to know each dog he hosts in a personal and individual manner. He is well aware of the unique needs of every pet.  The dogs gets the best possible treatment. 
The owners of the dogs who board with Dov and his family travel fully assured and relaxed that their beloved pet entrusted to Dov is in excellent hands.  I know that Dov  is able to answer any issues that may occur, fill me in on the dog's stay  and and give him a  happy cheerful sojourn.
  ar that 
[email protected]   Phone: 052 242 5784  Tel Aviv + all Israel

review by Chaya, Amber:

Wonderful Place
Author: Chaya
Date: 2012-03-26 23:59:48
This is the best dog sitting service I have ever come across. The care and attention to detail they give the pets in their care is exceptional. You can have total piece of mind when your away that your pets are safe happy.
Thank you to the Dov and his family.
TIMEOUT Tel Aviv 100 best service providers recommendation     (scroll down for more pix)