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S\\\'derot Rabbi Akivah 40/11

Bs"d      January 19th, 2018

 Coming to Jerusalem/Tel Aviv on a Business/Personal Trip?

 Need a Personal Assistant/ Lady Driver/Simultaneous Translator?

Coming to Israel and have a lot of things to do in a short amount of time? Need someone who

can be your chauffeur/personal assistant/translator? Shalom, my name is Hannah Porat, I will

be happy to assist you while here in Israel on a business/personal trip. I am mobile with a 4 seat

vehicle (Ford Focus), and speak 3 languages on a mother tongue level (English, Hebrew and

German). You will enjoy my service orientation and my focussed driving.

My rate is $ 220 per day  (8 hours) plus gas, and any overnight stays. Having lived in Jerusalem 

since 1991, I can handle most of anything, whether you have business to do here, and need 

an experienced translator/consultant (for real estate acquisitions) or simply want a clear-minded

travel companion. In the past I have accompanied people to trade fairs in Tel Aviv, helped 

them visit  relatives around the country and accompanied them to their meetings in Jerusalem.

You will see: travelling with me will make your stay here a pleasure and also you will get things 

DONE! Likewise, if your precious daughter/son is arriving alone at the airport and you want to

make sure someone trustworthy takes them to their destination in Jerusalem/the Gush, you can

count on me! 

We can discuss your plans and needs on Skype (Skype ID: hannah.porat1) or via my Landline

+972-2-5802234 . Kindly e-mail me at '[email protected]' to set up a mutually convenient

time.  And if you need me right away, you can reach me 24/6 at +972-52-465 7070.  

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