Are you ready for a career change? ITC will launch your tech career!


Are you ready for a career change? ITC will launch your tech career!


Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) is a nonprofit organization, owned by the Jewish Agency which helps Jewish people break into the ever growing Israel tech and startup industry with intensive training and job placement. We teach you both in-demand technical skills and the soft-skills needed to integrate into the Israeli's high-growth hitech and startup industry.

ITC has done amazing things over the past recent years, including unique collaborations with tech giants Apple, Mobileye, Mellanox, and Checkpoint, where ITC runs training programs and coding boot-camps on the latest technologies including Data Science, Cyber Security, Full-Stack Development, and more. ITC’s network of over 120 companies run 5-8 weeks projects as part of the training. ITC boasts a high tech job placement rate for relatively high-paying starting positions in the in-demand Israel hitech and startup industry. 

Tech Training Programs offered:
- Full-Stack Development program - no coding experience needed. Starts May & Oct 2020.
- Data Science Fellows, focusing on Machine Learning, NLP and Computer Vision. STEM Degree and some experience needed.  Starts May & Oct 2020.
- Cyber Security & Advanced programming - Some coding experience needed. Starts Oct 2020.

Some grants and scholarships are available
All programs are 5 months of full-time study - entirely in English.