Professional Old Media Transfer Service to Digital Format


Professional Old Media Transfer Service to Digital Format

Hello members,

Digitizing service for your precious memories-convert your old media to DVD or
digital format.
All transfers are performed with the utmost care!
Reasonable prices and special prices for large amounts!

Video Tapes convert to DVD or to digital files from Variety media types :

VHS,SVHS,8mm video ,Hi8, Digital 8,MiniDV,VHSC,SVHSC.

1/4" Audio Reels to Audio CD or mp3/wav .

Standard Audio Cassette to Cd Audio or mp3/wav.
8mm/16mm Movie Film to DVD or Digital File.
Photos/Slides film Scanning to Digital Files.

Is your memories also stuck in those old media ?
Now you got a great chance to rediscovering your precious moments.
Stop rewinding Tapes and Reels, fast forward to DVD/CD or to a Digital File
before the original media disintegrates!.
Video transfer service for NTSC,PAL and SECAM Video Tapes.
Delivery "door to door" services.

Free pickup for large amounts!
Other Media we convert:
Reel to Reel Audio 1/2" , 1/4",
Betamax Ntsc/Secam/Pal
35mm films
Floppy Disk 3.5" 5.25"
U-matic Ntsc/Pal
Beta Sp/Sx/Digital
Dat Tapes
Mini Disc
Micro Cassette
Vinyl Records 78" 33" 45"
DVD/CD transfer to file

Additional Services:

Selling storage devices : Hard Drives/Flash Drives.

Recover/Restore Flash Drive,Memory Card and Hard Drive lost files.
Special cleaning service for dirty tapes video&audio,for more details call us.
Fixing service for damage tape, torn tape/film - video & audio.
Restoration service , color fixing for video/photo/slide , noise cleaning for audio &
Professional video and sound editing for any purpose,video portfolio,sound
portfolio etc'.

Editing Slideshows/Video Clips/Pictures-'Matzeget' for Wedding-Bar Mitzva-Bat
Mitzva-Birthday parties.
Video Invitations.

Tapes Preparation service for variety broadcast channels.
Embedding Subtitles Service for Video.

Recording Voice Over for your Video/Waiting call/Voice mail/Voice mes sage/IVR
Prompts, option to combined with music.

Professional filming for small family/company event and Video Card/About your

Converting Media for web : YouTube , Vimeo , Facebook , Soundcloud , etc'.

CD Indexing.
DVD Menu/Chapters/Titles editing.

All The Media In 1 Creative Place - MediaCreative.
Feel free to contact us for any further details - Mobile: 052-824-22-08
Tel.: 072-250-42-44
Wish you all the best,

Noam - MediaCreative

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Mobile : 052-824-22-08 Tel. : 072-250-42-44