Brothers Shlomi and Aviram decided to bring the British concept of “Fish 'n' Chips” to Machne Yehuda upon returning from a traditional “ after-the-army” trip abroad. The fish comes straight from their dad's stand at 4 HaToot St. Mario Gain, Fishenchips’ chef, hails from Chile and brings his own take to the spice blend and sauces.

The fish are dipped in a batter of beer and mustard, and they are served with fries and various freshly made sauces. Wash down those hot, crispy treats with Czech brews, like Kozel and Pilsner, which are an excellent match to main attractions.

On Fridays you'll also get a chance to try a favorite local liquor: Arak. Fishenchips offers twists on the traditional anise flavor of Arak, such as Bazooka bubble gum, melon or cinnamon.