Chaim V'Chessed


Chaim V'Chessed
072-243-7733 [email protected]
Grosberg 5 ~ POB 57034, Jerusalem 91410

Chaim V'Chessed is your one-stop chessed organization in Israel. Centered in Jerusalem, Chaim V'Chessed offers advice and assistance in nearly every aspect of life in Israel, including medical logistics, hospital complications, bureaucratic dealings, special education and children's therapies, mental health referrals, and women's health guidance.

You can contact Chaim V'Chessed by phone at 072-CHESSED (243-7733), email [email protected], or online at

The 072-CHESSED (243-7733) hotline operates Sunday-Thursday, 9 am-4 pm. The organization's emergency notification system runs 24 hours a day.

Chaim V'Chessed. We're here for you.