Assisted Living in New York - know a great one?


Assisted Living in New York - know a great one?
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We are looking to find a Medicaid-supported assisted living facility for our father.

They are called ALP in NY (Assisted Living Programs)

I have done much research on the topic but the place that was actually personally recommended was the best we found, and we are looking for 1-2 other options, so I'm sending out a wider net...

Ideal locations are Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn.

For a religious man - kosher food and a minyan (at least on shabbat) is required. 

*The Medicaid aspect is a must* - wonderful but private places (generally $6000 per month) are not an option. We've been recommended those, too :)

Really any leads are greatly appreciated. Perhaps you or a family member in NY had to look into this and knows something offhand...? 

With appreciation...



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