Free healing and health information


Free healing and health information

Email me [email protected] and get free healing and health information that I have from medical doctors to eat and exercise to recover from a list of chronic and all kinds of other illnesses: for example-- arthritis, diabetes type 2, cancer, obesity, skin diseases, and dozens of other mental and physical and spiritual pains.

I can also provide articles to read and reviews I wrote on lengthy healing therapies to make everything short and readable.  I can also speak to groups and do demonstrations how to use a juice extractor and give many recipes to anyone interested. I do not charge, but if I travel I ask for pay for my transportation.


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C.T.Sokol useful website
7 years ago

I found the website had some ideas I never knew about before for healing skin rashes like Superlan, which I tried--it works. Like Ichthamol oinment which healed my son's boil on his face. I find the healing section is priceless and also free.