Management and Maintenance of Houses and Apartments


Management and Maintenance of Houses and Apartments
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As a professional exterminator I often visit houses that remain empty most of the time. These

are houses where there are no regular residents, and sometimes there’s not a soul in the house

for months. Such houses are usually owned by foreigners for leisure or business purposes, or for

ideological reasons.

When a house remains closed for a long time, where the water systems are not used and there

is no proper ventilation, it becomes a place of refuge and breeding for many pests. This includes

many unsanitary pests such as cockroaches, moths, pigeons, rats and mice.

If you are the owner of such a house, Juk Barosh would happy to provide you with home

maintenance services for your house or apartment during the months you are out of the

country. Of course, we would be more than happy to continue providing you with our services

during your time in Israel as well.

The service includes everything to do with home maintenance: Cleaning, landscaping, plumbing,

electrical work, renovations and even laundry services. We will even find tenants for you if

needed. All the work is done by experienced and reliable professionals in their field.

At this point, you might be asking yourself what does Juk Barosh have to do with home

maintenance... So let me explain why we are your best choice:

Reliability and integrity – Juk Barosh, which is owned by Elad Uri – an agronomist and licensed

exterminator, is a professional pest control company with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Customers who regularly and repeatedly allow Juk Barosh into their home with complete

confidence that their home will undergo professional pest control treatment while their

furniture and property remains intact. They trust the exterminator, who is left alone in their

home, and they are fully confident that they will get the best and most reliable service.

Landscaping – Elad Uri is an agronomist by profession. Therefore he can check for any

problematic situations in the garden, and if indeed there is any such issue, he is able to guide

the gardener to handle it accordingly.

Pest Control – If any pest control is required in the property, Elad Uri will take care of it. Just

Google Juk Barosh and you will know why (:

Property Rental – Elad Uri is a licensed realtor so he could utilize his professional and great

inter-personal skills to find good tenants if needed.

Skilled Professionals – Over the years we have been to thousands of homes and we met with

scores of skilled professionals. Thus, over the years we have built up a pool of skilled

professionals who are nice, honest and reliable.

Payments to Authorities – Juk Barosh will ensure that any the payments due to authorities and

various service providers (municipality, water and electric, etc.) will be made on time and

documented for tax purposes.

Post – If any mail arrives and you need it forwarded to you, we will scan and send it to you by


Shopping – If needed, we will buy groceries and other home supplies and deliver them as


So, if you have a home that remains empty when you are out of the country, make sure it gets

the best care until you return.

Juk Barosh - Your Home, Our Responsibility.

Elad Uri