Full Time
0586653123 [email protected]
Bolivia 4 Jerusalem

Sharone Dabo 0586653123

Programmer [email protected]


Work Experience

September 2016 – March 2021: Full Stack developer at ExLibris

Responsible for the design and development of a web-based Java application for academic and national libraries.

  • Experience in design and development of a web-based application using Java, Hibernate, Solar, Spring, SQL Oracle Database and Maven
  • New features design, implementation, performance improvement, testing and integration
  • Unit tests and integration tests development
  • Efficient code and SQL queries development (native and hibernate SQL)
  • UI developments
  • Customer Requirement /Test cases/Test rules cycle Definition
  • Defect handling
  • Active participation to design review

Computer Skills

Programming languages: C++ - C# - JAVA – REACT – NODE.JS

Workspaces: Eclipse, Oracle, Visual studio, Wireshark, android studio, pl/sql,

Other: Unix

Data structure

Computer architecture, operating systems, real-time

Object oriented programming, Logic and functional programming (lisp, prolog), assembly

Algorithms, databases

Physics, Mathematics

WPF, Windows Form, HTML, PHP, SQlite, MySql


2021 : Full Stack course – Yaniv Arad – React, Node.Js, express, mongoDb

2013- 2016: BA in computer science in Merkaz Academy Lev (Campus Tal)

Average in programming courses: 93

2015- 2016: Third year of a bachelor in computer science – Besancon University in France (Open University) I was seeking a different approach to computer science - desire to expand my knowledge

2012- 2015: BA in foreign language and culture, Specialized in Hebrew – Lorraine University in France (Open University)

2010- 2012: High School diploma, Baccalauréat with honors very well – Ozar Hatorah in France

Specialized in Mathematics, Life science and Physics


Java Project: Developed an android application.

Developed a DB on a remote computer (SQLite), a service client/server with MySQL (PHP), Internet service with JavaScript (HTML)

C# Project: Developed a car rental company’s management system.

Design Patterns: Observer, Singleton, Factory Method. Working with XML files. UI (Windows Form). Exposing functionality of the application on the network using WCF.

C++ Project: Developed a file organization system.

Using « TRIE trees » database, indexation and research of files, UI (WPF).

PL/SQL Project: Oracle Database management project.

COBOL Project: Building a compiler from the language jack to hack

COBOL language was not learned in classroom at all, autonomous exploration of this language

Personal skills

Very serious, ambitious, hard-working and self-motivated

A talent for self-study, even a new programming language

Capacity to work in a team and under pressure

Additional information

Languages: French, Hebrew, English

Next year: I will learn a master’s degree in computer sciences at the Open University in France

Work experience: giving private lessons in computer programming