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Eretz Africa - PR and Media Consulting for Africa

Eretz Africa was established to give solutions to a wide number of companies, organizations and other parties in Israel that want to give African countries access to knowledge or products but don’t have the understanding of the media in the specific country. We have that understanding and can propose a carefully considered navigation of the country’s media.

Eretz Africa is a public relations and media consulting firm for Africa, and the only agency in Israel that specializes in this field. Eretz Africa has a deep understanding of the diverse continent and proven knowledge as to how to use this expertise so that you are able to reach your goals through the African media. Using experts and partners in Israel and the African countries, we are able to choose the correct media strategy.

We have expertise with providing services in the areas of public relations and media consulting in African countries, in the written and broadcast media, as well as social media. Our solutions include developing a media strategy, crisis management, providing spokesperson services and building internet interfaces.

We offer these media services for a wide range of clients, whether they are companies, non-profit organizations and the public sector, private individuals and governmental bodies. Our approach is based on proven methods based on communication models and thinking outside the box, and when needed involve discrete activities.

Our love for Africa, diverse abilities and knowledge of African countries and the different communication tools there, will allow you to reach the needed impact. From coverage in a printed paper in Kenya, being a guest on a radio show in Nigeria and to opening a Facebook page for your product that targets the public in Ghana, we at Eretz Africa will know how to choose the right tactic that will allow you to fulfil your goals in the specific African country. We have the power to bridge your language to the local language in the specific country, or group of countries, in Africa.

If you are a company, non-profit organization or part of the public sector, a private individual or a governmental body planning to operate in Africa, or that is already operating on the continent, do not hesitate to contact us for public relations and media consulting there. Eretz Africa - the palm of our hand is Africa.

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