Professional "American born" treesurgeon30 years exper.


Professional "American born" treesurgeon30 years exper.


 !my name is Simha and that’s really what I try very

   hard to give is  SIMHA!  

  !  . I was born in U.S.A

And came to Jerusalem at 18 years old & have been a  Professional  TREE SURGEON   aprox. 30 years

We  have lots of love &respect for trees they give us so many things!

.As the  saying goes  : there isn't  a wise man only through experience!  "אין חכם כבעל הנסיון"

In all my days I have seen and worked on very difficult trees ;from snow storms to heavy wind storms! We will be happy to meet with you (free of charge) and advise you. In order to see  the trees carefully and give proper advise.

     tree trimming                   

The appearance of dead tips on limbs, or what may appear to be a general dieback in parts or all of 

the tree, can be important warning signs for the tree owner. When a tree begins to lose leaves from the ends of branches as opposed to inner shredding due to a lack of sunlight, it is a sign that the tree is losing vigor for some reason. The tree is likely to be suffering from a combination of natural and man-made stresses. In any case, dead and infected limbs should be pruned. This reduces many stresses, enabling the tree to build it’s energy reserves and resume proper growth.

Overgrown Trees

Not only is an overgrown tree often unsightly, but it can also be unhealthy. Some tree species naturally produce many limbs, which will eventually die in the competition for sunlight. If these weaker limbs are pruned before they die, the small cuts will close rapidly, the form of the tree is improved, and the remaining limbs will be healthier. Many trees also have to be pruned away from houses or to improve sunlight in a garden.