Shulamit Lando, Psychotherapist & Coach


Shulamit Lando, Psychotherapist & Coach

Burdened by sadness, fear or anger?   Feel stuck in life?  Lacking fulfillment in work?  Lacking happiness in relationships?

Today’s anxiety, depression and other overwhelming emotions can be treated by methods which can move us rapidly to a place where we can feel better about ourselves and the world around us. 

Shulamit Lando, an effective blend of Psychotherapy and Life Coaching.

Keep the things that work… get rid of those that don't! One step at a time.

While "old school" therapy can take a long time, a beneficial process does not have to be a long or never ending endeavor.

Effective change can be achieved and in a short time! My work is a proven effective merger of advanced therapeutic methods and Life-Coaching for creating transformation and reaching a functional and fulfilling life.

Take back control of your life.

For years now I have helped many people face their fears, release their anxieties and reach their life goals quickly.

I invite you to read about the work I offer and to read some of the testimonials in my two websites.

I offer you a 20 minute phone or Skype consultation free of charge.

Please contact me through my websites or call me at:

Shulamit Lando

054- 486-8739