Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer - Adv. S. Haim Reichbach


Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer - Adv. S. Haim Reichbach

Do you want to be able to communicate clearly with your Attorney in your mother tongue? Look no further! Our firm is led by an American Born Attorney who also happens to be a friendly avid marathoner and kidney donor!

Advocate S. Haim Reichbach leads Criminal Defense Israel a boutique law firm with a law practice in both New York and Jerusalem representing a variety of clients, with a special emphasis on the Anglo-Israeli community. 

Advocate S. Haim Reichbach who leads this firm is both a Licensed Israeli Attorney and a Licensed New York Attorney and Notary. The firm has unique and extensive experience representing preferred clients with criminal defense, family and international business issues. 

So you think your issue is too big or too small....think again! Our firm will provide lawyers who can take care of your needs with extreme diligence and care providing you with the discreet and professional help that your legal need requires today. 

Have you been called in by the police for questioning? Have you been sent a letter saying that you will be indicted if you do not come to a "Shimua" (hearing in front of the prosecution)? Have you been indicted and you don't know how serious your situation is? Don't contact the police or the prosecution on your own, speak to a lawyer today!

Have you been indicted (הגשת כתב אישום)? What does a criminal trial here look like? Call today! +972544875793

Has your loved one been indicted and been remanded over by the judge for risk assessment (תסקיר מבחן)? Call us so we can help you get the rest results from the assessment and interview, and hopefully you will see your loved one be released from custody ASAP!

Are you worried about having a criminal record? You need our Advocates to help you clear things up!

Do you want your case to be changed from lack of evidence to being closed due to lack of guilt? Call today!

Do you need to prepare a will and have assets or family in both the US and Israel? 

Have you heard of an Enduring Power of Attorney (ייפוי כוח מתמשך) and don't know what it entails? This is a version of a living will under Israeli Law that can be prepared while you are feeling well and will help you at further date have an individual you have appointed who will care for your financial or health needs. Don't hesitate to call today we are licensed by the Ministry of Justice to administer and submit the Enduring Power of Attorney.

Are you having martial problems and are concerned that you may be heading towards separation from your spouse? Don't delay consulting an attorney who can counsel you as to the steps you need to take now!

Don't let the Israeli or New York Legal systems overwhelm you by facing it alone. Turn to our Attorneys without delay for a free consultation.

Whether you are dealing with a legal issue for the first time or have had previous experience, turn to us today by phone, text, whattsapp at +972544875793 or at [email protected] to get the best results.

Licensed Member New York Bar and Israel Bar Association
Licensed New York Notary Public

Jerusalem, Israel,
Tel: +972-54-487-5793
Fax: +972-2-671-2344

Brooklyn, NY
Tel: +1-347-204-4707


Clients Satisfaction

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Naomi Soman
8 months ago

I can't agree more with these other two comments. While I thankfully did not have to use Haim's services as everything worked out well for me, Haim responded to my phone call late at night and reacted quickly to a last-minute request to help me out of a very difficult situation when I didn't have a lot of other resources available to me. He was also kind and supportive throughout the process. I cannot thank him enough. Highly recommend.

Joe Bocher
11 months ago

Not only the best attorney, but also a real mensch! Highly recommended.

Joe Bocher
1 year ago

This Attorney is not only quite possibly the best Attorney in Israel, but also an incredible mensch!