Childbirth Classes - Doula Services


Childbirth Classes - Doula Services
0547-989-131 or 02-563-0981 [email protected]
PO Box 178 Bat Ayin 90913

(private or group)

A fun, safe, and comfortable context for exploring your specific needs and
concerns, while providing information on the different facets of birth(stages,
breathing, positions, etc.).

You will discover inner knowledge about your body and birth, learning to trust
your ability to bring your child into the world in a calm, peaceful way. My
classes will help you make healthy choices and optimize your birthing


One on one meetings to connect to YOUR particular challenges and work to prepare for your birth. You will tap into your inner voice and walk away with tools to enhance your birth and your life!


Private and group sessions learning how to utilize breathe, body, and mind as powerful, transformative aids. 

I have been working with women and couples for many years and have experienced the profound transformation that knowledge and empowerment bring.

Feel free to visit my website
or call me for more information 0547-989-131 or 02-563-0981

I provide services in English and Hebrew.

Debby Neuman
Childbirth Educator, Doula


Clients Satisfaction

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Highly recommended.
7 years ago

Debbie's support was exactly what I needed. She shared her knowledge and deep wisdom with me, empowered me to make the choices I was most comfortable with, and helped me connect more with myself and my baby. Debbie has helped me experience birth in a deep and meaningful way and I am grateful for her guidance and support.

Amazing Doula!
7 years ago

Debby is beyond words amazing in her ability

I couldn't have done it without her!
7 years ago

I had amazing births, and it was all thanks to the preparation that Debby gave me leading up to the birth of my first child. I will admit that at first I was afraid of the thought of giving birth. After many caring conversations with Debby and the helpful information she delivered about the way our body is built for birthing and the way we can relax our bodies and minds to allow for the miracle to happen, I went into my birth feeling confident and like the master of my body and the master of the birth. I ended up giving birth in four hours with no pain (and no drugs or procedures) and I truly believe that it was all due to the support and encouragement that Debby provided me with prior to the birth. Thank you Debby. I highly recommend Debby to any mother/couple as a true companion and guide in this miraculous journey.