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Israel's PC Doctor / Computer Repair

Put Your Ailing, Problematic Computers & Devices into Good Hands
Let me make you the boss of your computer rather than the other way around. Your computer should always do what you want it to do - when and how you want it done.

I'll keep you and your computer safe and secure from hackers, spammers, viruses, as well as all sorts of other malicious intruders - and running smoothly at top capacity.

Protect your PC or Mac investment (Laptops, Desktops, & Mobile Devices, Etc.), your information, and your privacy - I'll show you how to keep your important data safe & secure with customized security, a wide array of threat protection and removal measures, as well as a variety of data backup, storage, and recovery solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs. I repair/replace all brands of laptop screens, keyboards, charging sockets, hard drives, memory and more I'll fix your MacBook Pro or Air or iMac / I deal with hardware & Software. Contact Beau: 054-772-6239 Now!! Also: [email protected]

Full Service Mac & PC Computer Repair, Service, & Support

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- Data/Systems Backup, Storage, & Recovery Solutions
- Training & Instruction in all Areas
- Virus, Spyware, Malware Assessment/Removal & Protection Services
- Home Networking & Internet Connection Sharing
- Complete Computer Optimization/Tune-up/Maintenance Service
- Remote Assistance & Technical Support

All Types of Hardware & Software Diagnostics, Repairs, Upgrades, & Troubleshooting
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Clients Satisfaction

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Ruben Misrahi
As a software developer...
4 years ago

As a software developer, I had little hope Beau could fix something I could not. Luckily I was wrong. Beau is not only knowledgeable, but very persistent, a quality needed when you try to deal with computers. I was about to throw away my laptop. Beau sorted things out with his vast collection of tools and knowledge. He stays tuned to the changes in operating systems and hardware issues. Absolutely recommend him to anyone with minor or major PC problems. Thanks Beau

Joanne Stockum
Beau is generous with his time
4 years ago

Beau gave us all the time we needed to be sure that he was clear on what we wanted and needed regarding our old iPhone and preparing it and all our important personal data so that we would be able to transition smoothly to our new device. We definitely would have been lost without him. For the time he spent on making sure that everything was backed up, secured and accessible to us from anyplace, the price was incredibly small. We would not hesitate to recommend him anyone with computer, phone or any other tech problems.

Charles Garrett
Computer Repair Star
5 years ago

Nothing I can possibly say could even begin to describe how amazing Beau's computer and technology knowledge and expertise is. He has been taking care of all my tech needs for over 12 years now and I've never found anyone who even comes close. He's always been there for me whether it was routine maintenance or life and death emergencies, and there have been more than enough of those. Beau is someone who I can invariably depend upon for a solid, reliable solution at a really decent price. I would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Charles Garrett, R

Beau Rocks!!
6 years ago

Beau is the most generous, kind and helpful PC Doctor in the world!! If you need anything just look him up and he'll take care of it for you. Gary Fremont

Mordecai Glicksman
Best Repair Tech
6 years ago

My computer had been going slower and slower until finally one day it wouldn't start at all. I called Beau - Israel's PC Doctor, he did his thing, and everything was back to normal. I'll definitely use him again whenever I need computer support in the future. I recommend him. Mordecai Glicksman, Netanya

K C Littner
Beau does it all - and does it all well!
6 years ago

Beau has excellently serviced and supported us in all our computing needs - solving numerous, difficult problems that we've experienced with everything ranging from our iPhones, iPads, Windows computer hardware and software and has even completely rewired and reconfigured our floundering home/office network in our 3-level home in Tel Aviv so that we can now access our data and the internet from anywhere in the house as we never were able to do before. When given a task to perform, Beau goes at it diligently and tenaciously, never giving up until he (and we) are totally satisfied that we have all the functionality we need and want. He has never let us down in the 5 or so years we've been working with him, and we've never needed to look anywhere else for any of our computer or technology support needs. He has our highest praise, and we recommend him wholeheartedly and unequivocally. KC

Renee Jacobs
Amazing Teacher
6 years ago

I am one of those people who has come only slowly and grudgingly into the twenty-first least when it comes to technology. My computer is probably at least 7 or 8 years old and all my phones until now have not been smart ones. However, with so many new things coming out and everybody using them, I find it is becoming more and more difficult for me to stay "off the grid" as it were, and I regularly face having to learn all sorts of new and very difficult (for me) things just to manage with my daily activities. Enter Beau - Israel's PC Doctor, he seems to know just about anything that is worth knowing as far as IT, computers, and technology are concerned. More importantly, he is amazingly patient and thoughtful in his manner and methods of answering my many questions and teaching me all the vital stuff that I need to understand. They say that those who can do and those who can't teach. Well if that is true, than Beau is surely the exception to that maxim because not only is he a very thorough, thoughtful, and extremely patient teacher, but he has on a number of occasions proficiently and deftly taken my computer almost completely apart, adjusted, fixed and replaced parts and brought it back from the brink before my very eyes. Beau can do - and that he does masterfully, but he also teaches and does so superbly and patiently. A rare combination for sure. So I wholeheartedly endorse him and his work - whether you are looking to learn something, need computers tablets, or phones repaired or maintained, or both, I can assure you that you will be happy and more than satisfied with his services. Renee Jacobs, Ramat Gan

Moti Lib
Beau Saved Me a Bundle of Cash
7 years ago

I love my little laptop. But it wasn't giving me much love back. I guess I wasn't taking as good care of it as I should have. It finally got so slow and troublesome that I thought I might need a new one. But thankfully, I checked with Beau - Israel's PC Doctor first and he got my messed up Windows all fixed and tuned up -- also backd up all my documents, pictures, media, and such as well. Great work! It now runs like new so I don't need to shell out a whole lot of cash for a new one. Beau rocks!

Tanya Mendoza
Reliable, Caring, Professional Service
7 years ago

Beau has, for many years, helped me and my husband of blessed memory, Brigadier General Yitzhak Yaakov, former Chief Scientist of the Defense Ministry to manage and maintain all our computers and computing operations. Yitzhak, or "Yatza" as you may know of him, was actually the man responsible, not only for the development of most of Israel's advanced weapons systems and the creation of Israel's now booming high-tech sector, but also for the introduction and integration of computers and information technology into Israel's military and defense programs. However, those were computers of another generation, and progress being what it is, even a brilliant and accomplished scientist like my late husband Yitzhak found himself, at least in the later years of his life and until his passing nearly 4 years ago, to be dependent upon the knowledge, ingenuity, and expertise of someone much more familiar with the latest generation of computers and computing technologies. It was over ten years ago, that Yitzhak and I were fortunate enough to have been introduced by a dear friend to Beau, who, as it turned out, just happened to be precisely the type of expert we both needed to support and assist us in the maintenance and management of a wide variety of IT operations we were engaged in. I have continued to rely upon him to efficiently answer or resolve all my computer issues, problems, and questions. Naturally, I strongly recommend him to you for your computing problems and needs, whatever they might be. Beau never let us down and I'm sure you'll experience the same sense of trust, reliability, and care with him that we did for all these years. Tanya Mendoza, Tel Aviv

Diana Lerner
Top Notch Service
7 years ago

Top notch service. When you think your computer has reached the end of its life, don't replace it - bring it to Beau for a new lease. I thoroughly recommend him. Diana Lerner, Ra'anana

Maya Wolf
Fast, Inexpensive, Easy
7 years ago

I needed to transfer my operating system and all my data from my computer's old mechanical hard drive onto a new SSD drive, found Beau - Israel's PC Doctor on the internet, and he said, "no problem". Now my computer flies with the faster, more efficient, cooler-running SSD (Solid State Drive) and all my programs, data, preferences and settings are just as they were. Hurray for Beau. He makes computing easy, productive and worry-free. He's my IT man and he should be yours too!! Maya Wolf, Ra'anana

David Weitz
Beau Solves All Problems Every Time
7 years ago

I've been using Beau to service and support all my computers for many years now. He's always taken good care of them and solved all my problems. As always, he's just now once again sorted out a huge mess that had developed in my recent Windows 10 installation. I recommend him highly.

Pauline Miller
I Was Rescued by Beau
7 years ago

I made Aliya 4 weeks ago from New Zealand, and no sooner had I moved into my new flat than I found that My MacBook Pro was absolutely useless - my Password Keychain was badly corrupted, my Apple ID was not being recognized or accepted, and I couldn't access my Gmail account. I couldn't even open any of my programs. It seemed that my entire El Capitan MacOS was going to need to be rebuilt and I would have to obtain and authenticate all my software applications and reconfigure all my system settings and preferences. I called Beau in a panic, he came with patience, persistence, tenacity, and determination, calmed me down, and set about restoring, resetting, re-validating and re-authorizing all my accounts - Apple, Google, Microsoft (Office 2016), iTunes, and he even diagnosed and repaired my Bezeq router so that the WiFi in my apartment was once again working properly. Everything was perfect. He also showed me how to set up and use Time Machine so that in future, I would always have a secure, reliable backup of my system and my data - when he asked me whether I had a backup, I looked at him as though he were speaking Chinese to me, hence, the meticulous and comprehensive Time Machine tutorial. If you ever have a computer disaster, don't panic - just call Beau - Israel's PC Doctor / Mac Guru Extraordinaire. Take my word for it. He knows what he is doing and cares enough to do a thorough, conscientious job all the way (and he gave me a senior's discount). Pauline Miller, Ra'anana

Mercy Kombe
Super Duper Live Saver / Genius
7 years ago

I spilled water all over my Dell laptop and thought it was dead for good. I called Beau and he took it into his lab, worked his magic, and presto - it was back to life just as it was before the spill. He even came to me in Haifa to pick it up and all of this at an insanely inexpensive price that even an unemployed student like me can afford. If you have computer troubles, call Beau and you'll be very glad you did. I know that I am. ;-) Mercy Kombe, Haifa

Michael Schneider
Your Top IT Support
7 years ago

I am about as rank a computer novice as they come. As long as everything works, I'm fine using my computer - but the moment something goes haywire, I'm lost at sea and dead in the water. Or at least I would be if I didn't have the incomparable IT support services of Beau - Israel's PC Doctor at my beck and call whenever I need them. Without his constant advice, instruction, and support, I'd essentially be computer-less. But fortunately that never happens because as soon as I have any sort of problem I just call Beau, and I no longer need to worry about anything. You couldn't possibly go wrong turning to Beau for any computer or IT problem or question no matter how large or small. I recommend him without the slightest hesitation for any hardware or software problems you'll ever have -- with your PC, your Mac, your Android or Apple Tablet or your smartphone, whatever type. He's the guy. -- Michael T. Schneider, Tel Aviv

Yitzie Klapper
Tip Top Computer Repair Service
7 years ago

I put my Windows 8.1 Dell laptop to sleep and instead of waking up the following morning, it had gone comatose and would no longer start at all. A very good and trusted friend referred me to Beau - Israel's PC Doctor, who had serviced many computers over the years for him, his wife, and assorted friends. Now I can see why my friend has such a high opinion of Beau and his service. Not only is my computer now back up and running smoothly, but a number of other serious issues (including some stubborn and troublesome viruses) that were there before it went into a coma have also been resolved. Props to him for his tip top service and workmanship. Yitzie Klapper Ramat Efal

Yona Dinai
Beau Rocks!!! ;-)
8 years ago

When I was unable to get my SIM card to go into my phone and my Motorola tablet could not connect to any kind of internet anywhere, I searched for a good support source in Tel Aviv and I found Beau - Israel's PC Doctor. I brought my devices over to Beau's lab and left them with him. Very soon, both devices were back online and working perfectly. Beau rocks. Yona Dinai Tel Aviv

Michael Shulman
Emergency Relief
8 years ago

I am a professor at Tel Aviv University, and I returned from traveling abroad only to find my computer had died, showing no signs of life whatsoever. I heard about Beau and called him, and he came to examine and diagnose the machine as soon as he could get here. Although there was no way to fully and properly diagnose and pinpoint the problem at my place - and he warned me that the motherboard could be dead (he brought with him a new power supply to make sure that wasn't the problem), after having taken it away to his lab for more exhaustive inspection and testing he found a few malfunctioning and/or improperly connected devices and fixed or replaced them to get my dead computer back to life. Additionally, my Windows had been limping along very slowly and problematically, getting progressively worse for quite some time. So while he already had it in his lab, Beau went ahead and tuned up and optimized my computer's Windows operating system such that it now runs like an entirely new machine. Satisfied doesn't even come close to describing how happy I am with his service and his dedication to finding, identifying, and resolving the issues, whatever they may be. His knowledge is impressive. I'll definitely be keeping his contact details very handily close to my computer so that I won't need to search next time I have a tech problem. Professor Michael Shulman, Tel Aviv University

Chana Michaeli
Fixes ALL problems Computer, Phone
8 years ago

I called Beau at first by mistake because my HOT TV wasn't working and HOT had told me that it was my TV and not their service. Beau immediately told me that, while he was knowledgeable regarding TV/Video/Cable issues, he wanted to make clear that he is not a TV repair guy and that if my TV was broken or dead, he would not be able to fix it because he is a computer repair guy. I then asked him if he could help me with my Bezeq wireless internet and my computer and my iPad - all of which were also not functioning, and he said of course he could - and that he would be happy to take a look at my TV problem while he was here just in case it might happen to be something he could solve for me. So he came, and he went quickly to work figuring out what was wrong with my Bezeq router's internet configuration, solved in virtually no time at all, got my computer and my iPad wirelessly back online even better than before, and immediately he went over to look at my TV. He figured out right away that the TV was working fine (he connected his computer to it and we saw his computer on my TV screen). We tried a couple of times to call HOT, and when they continuously either refused to answer or hung up on us before we got any help, he suggested that I cancel them and switch to YES, which was something that he had done about a year or so ago, and had been much happier with YES than he had been with HOT. He than assisted me in calling YES, starting service with them and cancelling HOT. Just when we figured everything was all done and sorted out, I discovered that I seem to have lost my Google/Gmail and Facebook passwords and could not get into either of them. So again, very quickly and efficiently, he also got all of that effectively and professionally sorted out, and then everything was done, I was totally happy, and here I am recommending this miracle worker to anyone who might be having any types of computer, TV, phone, or tech problems whatsoever. Trust me - he knows what he is doing. Chana Michaeli Or Yehuda

Bonnie Simone
A Computer Repair
8 years ago

If patience is a virtue, Beau is an absolute tech

Jeanette Shevelew
Best IT Experience Ever
8 years ago

Is your computer feeling ill? Does it seem as though it's about to die? Maybe it already has kicked the bucket? Don't worry - just give it to Beau - Israel's PC Doctor. He'll work his magic on it and breath new life into so that it will be up and running better than brand new in no time - and you won't die from the price. Beau's fees are nothing if not extremely fair, reasonable and affordable. Israel's #1 computer repair technician and top IT

Anna Darby
Professional reliable, fast
8 years ago

Whether your computer is just running poorly or it's completely crashed and dead, you can put it into Beau's skilled hands, and it'll be doing everything you want it to do exactly as you want it to be done. He is a miracle worker - and if your computer is too old or in poor condition to be worth spending money on repairing it, he will unquestionably tell you that straight away. Knowledgeable, honest, reliable, and conscientious, you'll never find better value for your IT / computer repair investment. Unquestionably and categorically, I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs computer, tech, or IT support of any type. Anna Darby, [email protected] Tel Aviv

Hal Wrobel
A Great Technician for Everyone
8 years ago

I am a veteran technical writer, and I can't even count the years that I've been working with Beau - longer than I'd like to admit, but from the very beginning he's always been the only guy I go to for IT support and any type of hardware or software problems I've ever had. Whether it is a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, a router, or a smartphone, if I have a question, Beau always has the answer I'm looking for, and if I have a problem, he's got the solutions I need. He has just now installed and configured my new computer that he custom built and set up for me, and, in the process - while he was here, he also troubleshot and optimized my complicated, problematic wireless network (in my 3.5 story concrete house). I recommend him unequivocally to anyone who needs any type of IT support or computer repair

Yonit Raz
Faithful, competent computer support
8 years ago

I am a retired widow and have no computer or technical expertise whatsoever. Whenever something is not working as it should or at all, with any of my technological equipment - computers, phones, tablets, you name it - I don't worry, I just call Beau and he makes everything work as it should and making it look easy. In all of the well over ten year period that Beau has been taking care of my and my dear, deceased husband's computers, there has never been any problem that he didn't solve and, I might add, solve admirably. And because the level of my understanding of computers and technology is so far below fundamental, I constantly ask questions that drive my children and grandchildren mad, but Beau has the patience of a saint, takes everything calmly in stride, and explains everything to me in a way that even I can understand. I'm quite sure that I'll be relying upon his vast knowledge and his unrivaled professionalism and patience for the rest of my life (I am now at the young age of 83), and that is at least one thing that I know I'll never have to worry about. I can't tell you what a good feeling that is - especially being all alone now after having lost my dear, beloved husband two years ago. There are a certain few, rare things in life that you can just always count on without a worry or a care, and Beau is one of those. Regards, Yona Raz, [email protected] Tel Aviv

Kimberly Pfeifer
PC Repair - Quick, Easy and Inexpensive
8 years ago

After finding out that my new Dell laptop didn't come with Microsoft Office, I went online and found Beau - Israel's PC Doctor, brought it in to him and voila - I now have Microsoft Office as well as a few other things I was missing (or needed adjusting). All is now running like clockwork. If you want to solve your computer problems quickly and efficiently, just call on Beau.

Annette Milliner
20 Fantastic Years of Computer Support
8 years ago

I immigrated to Israel from South Africa many years ago with my dear husband who is no longer with us. I am definitely not of the generation for whom computers or any sort of modern, digital technology come at all naturally or easily, so it is absolutely critical that I have someone upon whom I can always depend to take care of all the wide variety of problems that seem to be a built-in part of computers, computing and digital technology. For the past 20 years or so, that has been Beau. He has taken care of all my and my family's computer repair and support needs incomparably, like the consummate IT professional that he is. When you find someone who can take care of all your needs and problems you tend to stick with that person. Since having been fortuitously introduced to Beau by a dear friend nearly 20 years ago, I have never needed to look anywhere else. And the great thing about Beau is that it doesn't matter whether you are a knowledgeable tech maven or an absolute Luddite - whether you are 16 or 96 years old - he's fantastic with everyone and everything - he has also taken very good care of the computer needs of my children and grandchildren over the years, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that there are no other computer technicians like him anywhere. Here's to 20 more years of working happily and productively with him. Annette Milliner, [email protected], Kfar Saba, Israel

Lucas Soffer
A great PC repair right when you need it
8 years ago

My name is Lucas Soffer, I am an engineering student at the Technion in Haifa, and when my laptop started to act up and crash I needed someone who could fix it and have it - and me - back up and running in hurry so that I could keep up with my heavy workload. Suffice to say that Beau - Israel's PC Doctor is that guy and much, much more. He's a keeper. Lucas

Suzie Jacobson
Beau is the only Tech You'll Ever Need
8 years ago

Beau has been taking care of my every computer and IT needs since I had the pleasure of meeting him over 10 years ago when he replaced my old, worn out computer at that time. Whenever I need anything fixed or adjusted - or even have a question, I just call him up and he takes care of it, no matter what it is. I've never found anyone as helpful or generous with his time and skills. If you need help with your computer, Beau is your man.

Zivia Vogelman
PC Tech of a Lifetime. Best Techie Ever
8 years ago

Beau has been managing all my computer and IT needs since 1996, and I want to state unreservedly that he is nothing less than a wizard, a magician and the very best IT support and computer repair technician that anyone could ever want to meet. There is nothing that he cannot do and do extremely well. I recommend him highly. Zivia Vogelman, Tel Aviv

Diane Mcallister
Beau is an IT / Tech Hero / Amen
8 years ago

I have numerous and severe medical and health disabilities and challenges am on a very limited, fixed income, and were it not for Beau, I would be in a world of trouble. Thank heavens that he is here and is always ready and able to help me whenever (which is almost always) and however I may need him to help. Diane Mcallister, Ramat Gan

Diane Mcallister
Best Computer Repair in All Israel
8 years ago

I want to tell you about the guy who, in my opinion, is best computer technician in all of Israel - Beau - Israel's PC Doctor. He fixes MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs, PC Laptops, Desktops, iPads, iPhones, as well as Android Phones

Boaz Peled
Experienced computer genius technician
8 years ago

Wow!! Beau is a wizard, a magician, a computer genius and an consummate IT professional. He's been supplying, supporting, and taking excellent care of all my and my family's computers for nearly 20 years now so I should definitely know. Take it from me, you could not ask for a better guy to take great care of all your computer and tech support needs

Irit Bronowski
Top Quality Computer Repair
8 years ago

Beau responded to my urgent request for emergency assistance with amazing speed and showed up fully prepared to rescue all of my precious data and restore my ailing computer to fully functioning, operational status - which was even better than it was when brand new. He offers great value, excellent service, reasonable prices and reliable solutions for every problem. I highly recommend him for any computing or IT problems or support you might need.