"Maggie's Garden"- Organic Produce To Your Home


"Maggie's Garden"- Organic Produce To Your Home

Maggie's Garden is a small organic farm in Nataf in the Judean Hills. The farm grows a variety of vegetables and sprouts according to 'permaculture', a sustainable system of organic agriculture, under the supervision of AgriOr, Israel's largest organic inspection organization.

Together with vegetables and sprouts grown on the farm and delivered to your home weekly, you can order many products from other organic growers and producers including honey, olive oil, eggs, halvah, tehina, dried fruits, ecological cleaning products, legumes, nuts, etc., all organically approved and Kosher.

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מגי רוזנברג
Maggie Rosenberg 
Nataf, Israel  נטף, הרי יהודה



Clients Satisfaction

definitely the tastiest produce
6 years ago

In addition to being tasty, Maggie's Garden provides courteous and dependable service. Easy to order online, or by phone, or email, or fax. Saves much travel and shopping time. Highly recommended