Professional dogsitter


Professional dogsitter

Avoid the drawbacks of kennel care: fleas, tics, worms, boredom, kennel cough, etc! Dogs in big kennels and pensions don't get much personal attention and tend to spend their time laying around, bored.

I'm Naomi, the dog sitter. I've raised and trained many dogs and volunteered at the JSPCA emergency veterinary clinic here in Jerusalem. I've taken care of animals of all ages (newborn to geriatric) and of all kinds (giant Golden Retrievers to tiny Toy Poodles) with many medical conditions (including those which require pills, injections and physical therapy). Most of all, though, I'm a dog lover.

I have a large, fenced off yard that gets lots of sun and has tall grass - perfect to roll around in while chewing a bone. A stay with me includes at least ninety minutes of physical activity (walks, play) and twenty full hours of my presence with the dogs per day. I take a maximum of 4-5 dogs at a time and screen every animal for violent tendencies, ensuring that your four-legged-friend receives lots of personal attention in a safe, comforting environment. My guests stay inside with me, sleeping in a dog bed or on a blanket in my climate controlled home. Dog care is my full-time occupation, not a part-time hobby, and as such I take it very seriously.

After boarding with me, your canine companion will come home spoiled rotten.

I'd love to take care of your dog whenever you need for a modest fee on a per-day basis. Call me at 052-446-5235. References available upon request. I am fluent in Hebrew, English and BarkBark.