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Have you thought about speaking, reading and writing Chinese? It sounds really difficult but perhaps you may change your mind once you know some fun facts about the language (read below)! No doubt it is a profound language especially in writing, but you'll be surprised how easy it is, simply because a word remains the way it is without changing its form, unlike many other languages.  

Say YAY because there is no need to conjugate verbs at all!

Anyway, here you GO.. 

Fun Facts about Chinese!

Q: Are there alphabets in Chinese? 
A: No. Chinese uses logographic system when it is written. Each character is made up of Strokes. There are six main strokes in Chinese and other variants are also often used to make up a character. 
Q: How many tones do we have in Chinese (mandarin)?
A: Only 4 - the sound of each character is made up of 1 of the 4 tones. 
Q: Can you spell Chinese in English? 
A: Yes! This system is called ‘Pin Yin’ (spelled sound) - tone marks are often included to the English alphabets to define the tone of each character. 


Note: Lessons will be explained in English. Hence, it is necessary to know basic English.

Contact Josephine at [email protected], if you are keen to pick up Chinese today! Trial lesson can be offered but only for a limited period! 

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