Fulfillment Team Leader


Fulfillment Team Leader
Full Time

Fulfillment Team Leader

Agilite, a rapidly-growing defense equipment business is looking for a talented Fulfillment Team Leader to lead its E-Commerce and Reseller order fulfillment process.

The correct candidate is an energetic, tech-savvy and very responsible rising star who is passionate about the supply chain challenges of a modern small business that is growing rapidly. Somebody who enjoys working in a fast-paced, young and international business environment and can problem-solve on-the-go to get results despite the dynamic challenges of exponential growth.

Responsibilities Include:

- Prioritizing orders and making sure all orders go out on time and on spec.

- Managing both Shipping and Customer Success staff

- Managing the order fulfillment process including order entry, administration, and shipping.

- Constantly improving procedures so that warehouse can work independently and process orders efficiently.

- Communication with clients

- Handling Government clients price quotes, payments and coordinating order packing & fulfillment

- Maintain ERP system reliability

- Communication with USA Fulfillment Center and shipping providers on a daily basis

- Constantly identifying ways of refining fulfillment and shipping processes

-Oversee returns process to ensure that returns are received and processed in a timely manner

- Manage warehouse staff and oversee daily operations
- Coordinate with Manufacturing Team to ensure deadlines are met

Position Requirements:

- Bachelors degree, preferably in a supply chain-related field

- Mother tongue level Spoken & Written English (non-mother tongue level candidates will not be considered, 90% of corporate correspondence is in English).

- Basic level of Hebrew

- Minimum of 2yrs experience in a supply chain, e-commerce or logistics role

- Exceptional Microsoft Office (Excel) skills preferred

- Experience with WMS (warehouse management systems), ERP systems such as SAP Business, Katana, and Shopify e-commerce platform strongly preferred

- Must be an out-of-the box problem solver who wants to shine in a small, rapidly growing business.

- Must be passionate about Supply Chain challenges, on-the-go problem solving and international logistics.

- Must be a responsible team player who knows how to take initiative in a small business environment

- Must be flexible and responsible to maintain availability for critical issues during irregular hours due to the business’s predominantly North American clientele.

To Apply, Send a copy of your resume to [email protected]


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