Tzeva Tzadik House Painting:Clean Reliable American Service


Tzeva Tzadik House Painting:Clean Reliable American Service


Tzeva Tzadik House Painting ~ Janglo Business 

Boaz Ginsberg's Personal Cell Phone No.# 058- 437- 7770

Or E-mail me at: [email protected]

 Tzeva Tzadik House Painting : Is an English Speaking / All Jewish Labor, House Painting Company based in Jerusalem. We are dedicated to painting excellence and customer service

 About Us: We work in all aspects of House Re-Painting and Re-Plastering. We offer a precise Hassle-Free Paint Job with great prices. We are always Punctually On Time, Professional & Respectful in all the homes that we work in and offer all our customers the Highest Standards, Service and Professional Courtesy. "We understand that we are working in your home and work within your busy schedule to insure that your family will not be inconvenienced by the Paint Work being done in the least".

How we Work: As a rule, we work one room at a time, moving your household belongings, carefully and covering everything with New Plastic Sheeting, Clean Canvas Drop Cloths and Masking Tape. We make all the needed repairs to walls & ceilings prior to painting, i.e.; Fixing Cracks, Holes, Water Damage, or Mold . We even go as far as temporarily removing Outlet Covers and wrapping Light Fixtures in plastic so that paint will not get on them. In this,  meticulous way of working, we offer our clients, the Highest Quality Painting Results and Cleanliness.

Water Damage: Water Damage Areas are 100% repaired and fixed completely, as if they were never there.

Mold : If your home has Mold Issues, we are equipped to handle them using the Best Anti - Mold Paint Available on the Market.

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Boaz Ginsberg 058-437-7770

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Clients Satisfaction

The painter with a heart of gold...
11 months ago

Boaz has already done great work for us. I called him and asked if he could repair some water damage which was beginning to grow mould in our spare room as we were hoping to sleep our grandchildren in there including a baby. Boaz was booked up until after Rosh Hashana, but the thought of the children sleeping in there bothered him, so somehow he found a window of time and set it up. The room is beautiful now and ready for its little guests. Again, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Zev Stub
Amazing and easy!
3 years ago

Boaz showed up in the morning with all of his supplies, and I asked him, "Ok, what do I need to do to set up?" He said, "Nothing. Go do your work." A few hours later, I came out of my office, and the job has been done perfectly. Thanks Boaz!

Lovely job
3 years ago

Boaz is a treasure! The paint job is excellent. Our water-damaged grubby walls have metamorphosed into smooth clean bright surfaces. The furniture and floors were covered neatly beforehand. Great attention is paid to small details. Most of all Boaz is such a pleasant person: smiling, calm, soft-spoken. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Highly recommend
4 years ago

Boaz did an amazing paint job in our apartment. It was old and runned down with peeling paint and some mold. Boaz knew exactly what to do to make our apartment look great! And he put everything back in its place, it was very clean. We are so thankful for the unbelievable work he did. We couldn't believe what our place looked like when he was done, TOTALY transformed! Boaz did an incredible job and we highly recommend him. He is super nice, and his prices are great!

Michael Pelcovits
Top quality and service; best ever
4 years ago

All of the laudatory reviews are fully deserved. we just had our entire apartment repainted and are delighted with the results: The painting has rejuvenated our old Jerusalem apartment, which was in really bad shape. It is now a delight to live here. Boaz is the best of the best. A true mensch and a consummate professional. I would put him in the top 1% of home service people that I have ever worked with in the U.S. and Israel.

Rivka Rosen
Amazing Quality and Service
5 years ago

Do this: sit down. Take out a piece of paper. Write down on every single thing you want your painter to be: beautiful quality, really cares about doing a good job, great price, does anything extra you asked for, sterling personality, kind, faithful...keep'll have to write even more to get to a description of someone as good as Boaz Ginzberg is. The man is amazing. Everything you hear is true. We needed a super job for some very discriminating people done in a 100-year-old apartment. Boaz came in with a super price, and we sat back in amazement at the super job he gave us. This extra thing he did, that extra thing. He refinished things I didn't even ask him to do! And always with a smile, and listening to what you want, and answering right away. Came on time, worked world class neatly, and left the place gorgeous. If you live in New York and you need a painter, fly over Boaz, it'll be worth it to you!

Judy Balint
Best ever paint job
5 years ago

Like everyone else who has recommended Boaz, I found him to be a super painter! He really did leave everything in tip top shape and did a beautiful job with the painting and scraping walls etc. Easy to communicate with--a true professional.

Paint Job
6 years ago

Boaz was efficient, honest, prepared and punctual. He went above and beyond what was called for. He made sure that everything was clean and bright. He went the extra mile to make sure that everything looked not just great but amazing! I mean wow, I didn't recognize the apartment. It looked better than when I moved in. Thank You.

6 years ago

I can highly recommend Boaz of Tzevz Tzadik. He did a superb job,arrived on time, kept to the schedule and price quote, and left the house clean at the end of the day. A true artist.

yaakov hecht
A wonderful painter and a good person!
6 years ago

What can we say- the Tzeva Tzadik amazed us. He told us he would do a great job and that we were in good hands. People have said that in the past and haven't lived up to my expectations. The Tzeva Tzadik, on the other hand, went above and beyond. He gave us a price while our apartment was still furnished, but when we moved out we realized the wall conditions were worse than we thought. When the Tzeva Tzadik saw the bare walls, he didn't even flinch and kept the original (very decent) price. The job took as long as he had said in our first conversation and the results were phenomenal! The walls were beautiful, the floors were spotless and he even cleaned off all our light switches and plugs! We will definitely call him next time we need a paint job. It was a pleasure working with him and am looking forward to seeing him again. Thank you Tzeva Tzadik!!

Incredible painter attn to detail
7 years ago

I don't have enough stars for Tzeva Tzadik. He painted our new apt, and the old one we moved out of. Both places he went way above and beyond. He didn't charge extras - he GAVE us extras! Cleaned the outlets, fixed little things not in the estimate, and and and. An example - we put in new windows, and one of them had a huge wood swath showing after the install. I figured he would attempt to patch it - nope. He put in molding for us, and didn't say a word. Honest, responsible, on-time and careful. He is not the cheapest, but he is NOT expensive and you get so much more than you pay for! We love him!!!

Helen Glassman
Thank You
7 years ago

Being an elderly person, I would like to say how patient, kind and respectful (Boaz) "the Tzeva Tzadik" with all my possessions. He was so careful in moving,covering and organizing everything before painting and then returning everything exactly where it had been before, when he was done Painting. I can't thank him enough. He even fixed things around the house for me... My apartment hasn't looked this good in 30 years... With much affection and gratitude, Helen

Leah Darnel
Call him first when choosing a Painter
7 years ago

If your trying to decide which painter to go with- call Tzeva Tzadik (Yisroal Boaz) first. I called a list of painters and was most impressed with him and his ability to discuss the wok, the process and the price. He then did everything that he said he would perfectly..... L.Darnel

Sandy Webster
10 Star Rating
7 years ago

Refreshing to see someone in this country with such a work ethic. Clean, neat and perfect in all that he did. Polite, courteous and prompt. I can't imagine that anyother painter could be better. 10 Star Rating... Sandy Webster

Meir Fiengold
A man of his word - A Real Mensch
7 years ago

He's the nicest, most professional painter you'll ever meet. So clean and precise in all his fixing and painting. A total man of his word- A Real Mensch Meir Fiengold ESQ

Sheva Silversmith
What a pleasure
7 years ago

What a pleasure to have this man work in our Home. On time (so we could leave and go to work)as usual . Prepared and covered the entire room. Put drop cloths down and then painted the rooms exactly as we dreamed they could be. Perfect ! And then had everything put back and spotlessly clean by the time we returned to make dinner for the kids. S.Silversmith

Ronin Holmen
Guys Perfect
7 years ago

This guy is the best. On time- Clean (immaculate)- Perfect paint job- Polite- Honest- Go with this guy if your re-painting your house... R.Holmen Jerusalem

Chaya Goldfarb
Transformed our Kitchen
7 years ago

Our Kitchen had not been painted in way to long and sort of a yellowish appearance to it. Yoisroal Boaz "Tzeva Tzadik" Painted white until it looked better then when we moved in, and not one drop of paint where it did not belong... He's the best. Thanks Tzadik ! We are so happy !

Rachel Friedman
Great Prices, great Painter
7 years ago

Yisroal (Tzeva Tzadik ) gave us at great price quote and then gave us a great paint job. So thankful.... Rachel

Akiva Silverman
Total Yekke , great painter
7 years ago

Yisroal Boaz "the Tzeva Tzadik" is a total Yekke. Clean and organized. Perfect in his painting and so polite to his customers. It was a total pleasure to have him in our home working. Choose the Tzadik..... A.Silverman Jerusalem

Leah Daisin
He was perfect
7 years ago

This Guy is the best- Came on time everyday. Prepped room with plastic, etc. Fix all cracks and holes. Then painted, cleaned up perfectly and put the room back together. everyday another room until he was done, not like the ordinary other painters who turn your life upside down- He was perfect.

Moshe Natan
Nicest Guy-This is the painter to choose
7 years ago

Nicest Guy and the best worker I've ever seen, really. So neat, so organized, so clean. It was like magic- he didn't disturb our family one bit. So courteous. This is the painter for you. Rav. Moshe Natan

Nancy Donaldson
Paint Tzadik is right !
7 years ago

Great Name, Great guy, even greater painter. Everything was perfect, price, work, EVERYTHING. Do your self a favor and go with the Paint Tzadik.. N.Donaldson Jerusalem

Fred Unger
5 Stars-
7 years ago

We loved that he was always on time. He was so clean and tidy. The work was perfect. Prices were really great. What more can you ask for ? Fred and Rachel Unger

Carl Keywald
He's a Perfectionist
7 years ago

This guy is a perfectionist. Everything he did was perfect and the results that delivered were perfect as well. Highest recommendations to our new friend, The Tzeva Tzadik.....

Wendy Allen
Perfect Job !
7 years ago

Love the Tzeva Tzadik- What a perfect job in everyway. And the price was perfect also.. Big Smile- Wendy Allen

Larry Lampster
Perfect Work
7 years ago

Clean, polite, organized, honest and a great painter;what more can you ask for. Perfect Job.....

Sarah Rothkopf
So Happy !
7 years ago

We are so happy with our new paint job and can't begin to tell anyone and everyone that Tzeva Tzadik is the the BEST !!!!!!!!! Thanks- Sarah Rothkopf

Uri Sanders
The Best
7 years ago

Prices,cleanliness,quality of work. Everything spot-on.. We couldn't have chosen better, when we picked him to paint both of our properties... The Best-

Pasach Albaz
Go with the Tzeva Tzadik !
7 years ago

Best by Far. He gave us a great price quote, followed by a top of the line paint job. Do yourself a favor and go with this guy !

Tali Inberg
Nicest guy.. and a Great Painter..
7 years ago

The Nicest guy..And a Great Painter.. He was even nice enough to make some other fixes around the house for no additional charge,,,

Natan Goldsmith
Tzeva Tzadik - What a Mensch.....
7 years ago

He made getting the house painted so easy. Arrived on time everyday, arranged the room before starting, took electric covers and light switches covers off so they wouldn't get paint on them, fixed walls, painted and cleaned. Then put room back together perfectly... Didn't start more work then he could finish by 5 pm.. and then came next day and did it again- what a "Mensch"

Highly recommended
7 years ago

Honest,clean,dependable and a great painter. Everything he advertised to be and more.... Highly recommended...Two thumbs up.. Moshe Fiendold

He's Number # 1 ....
7 years ago

He's Number # 1 .... He painted our Store ~ HebrewTshirts ~ No # 7 Hahistradrute

M Ascomister
The nicest person
7 years ago

Not only one of the nicest people I've met in Israel, but the best painter as well. He transformed our moldy bathroom ( it was so moldy it was unusable) into something you see in a magazine. He also painted the other rooms with such care. Moving everything, covering the floor with drop-cloths, taping things with masking tape, etc,etc,etc... First rate work ...

Toda Raba - Tzeva Tzadik !!
7 years ago

Besides great prices (I know I checked around) Tzeva Tzadik's work skills are amazing. He Spackled out a few walls that were water damaged down to the cement. He Spackled those areas out like brand NEW ! Then the paint job he did on the Kitchen and bedrooms are breath taking.... Toda Raba- Tzeva Tzadik Linda Sanahole Nachalote,Jerusalem

Go with the Tzeva Tzadik-he's No # 1
7 years ago

We had him paint for us 4 years ago. The paint still looks as fresh and new as the day he painted it. All the fixes that he made in the wall, with Spackle, held up as well ( and I think we had an earthquake or 2 since then). Anyway if the day ever comes that we need to re-paint ( and the way it looks now, that day may never come- lol). We would use him again in a heart-beat and can't recommend him highly enough to the entire Janglo community. "Do yourself a favor and go with the Tzeva Tzadik" Big Hug- Adriana and Paul Trapani

A truly "Talented" Painter
7 years ago

When we were looking for a painter, we looked for someone we could trust while being out of town and having our flat painted. When we returned. everything was perfect ! Colors applied to exacting standards, rooms put back perfectly the way they were before we left, floors shinning clean, not one spot of paint where it didn't belong- A truly "Talented" Tzadik painter......

Yisroal Ginsberg
There's good and then there's Great...
7 years ago

There are many good painters in Jerusalem, but few great ones; Tzeva Tzadik is surly one of the greats. Clean, dependable with perfect workmanship and eye for detail.... Simply the Best-