Private Room in Women's Apartment

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Private Room in Women's Apartment
1,500 NIS 1 Rooms
Owner [email protected]
Kiryat Moshe

We have an opening (private room, not shared) available as early as August 1st!!!

Frum womens apartment, 20s-30s, ss/sk, no boys

Kiryat Moshe area, close to Beit Hakerem, Har Nof, Givat Shaul.
Great price for a great location, just 2 stops from Central Bus station on the light rail.
5 min walk to light rail and buses, close walk to grocery stores and Kanfei Nesharim.

1500₪ not including bills (about 1800-1900₪ total).

Please PM me if interested or know anyone. Thank you!

Chaya Segel