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Renewal face and body for these holidays with DNA technology

Technology in your own home: Galvanic DNA treatment from WHISP PRODUCTS


• Anti-aging treatments: expression- lines, wrinkle-lines, facial skin tone, double chin, slouching cheeks, bags under the eyes, etc..
• Firm-up: chest, triceps, belly, hips, legs, etc..
• Body Pathologies: poor circulation, Cellulitis, Varicose veins, etc..
• Also treats: Alopecia and Acne, etc
• LOCATED In Jerusalem!!!
• Promotions for Packets of 10 treatments, or more!!!
• Promotions for groups !!!

Arrange your appointment now!

Be ready to look and feel your best for Purim and Pesach and all upcoming weddings and bar mitzvahs and shiduch!

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