Tai Chi and Chi Gong Classes


Tai Chi and Chi Gong Classes
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Sifu David Goldstein has over 25 years experience in Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong. He is a Tora Dojo Black Belt with certification from 2 Tai Chi Grand Masters. He is a member and instructor for the Hsien Chuang Ting Black Belt Association.

Beginers are taught Yang Style Tai Chi. Advanced students may learn Jing and Doa Swords,and other weapons. They may also learn Chen, Wu, Wu Hao, Sun, and Great Swimming Dragon styles.

Great for health, exercise, and self-defence.  


Classes are Monday and Thursday nights at 7:00pm. In Baka. For more information on the system and on classes please call at 054-467-9906 or visit us at https://www.sifutaichi.com/


Clients Satisfaction

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Anat Priel
Best Tai Chi teache
6 years ago

When I looked for a Tai Chi teacher, I imagined someone who has a lot of patience, has a deep understanding of the forms, and implements the power of softness. I find David to have all of these and so much more. Studying in his class, I learned to appreciate his ability to reach the true essence and accuracy of the movement. All those wonderful qualities, combined with patience and modesty, makes him the ideal teacher for me.

Marty Cikk
6 years ago

I have studied tai chi with Sifu David for many years. Sifu David has the ability to synthesize the lessons of many masters and share his deep understanding of each movement with his students. I especially enjoy his ability to apply tai chi movement to self-defense while staying true to the principles of softness.

Jacqueline Van Den Driest
Best tai chi teacher ever
6 years ago

I have been studying tai chi for several years with Sifu David Goldstein. He is everything you look for in a teacher: he knows incredibly much about tai chi, he is very patient, very clear, his movements are both precise and flowing. Learning tai chi in general and with David in particular will enrich your life in many ways. I warmly and heartily recommend!