Free ONLINE Consultation with Dr. Sarit Avraham & her Team


Free ONLINE Consultation with Dr. Sarit Avraham & her Team
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Are you concerned about mouth, teeth or gum problems?

Are you too nervous to go to the dentist? Worried about COVID-19? Or would you like a second opinion before committing to dental surgery?

Book a free ONLINE consultation with Dr. Sarit Avraham, a leading Jerusalem dentist with a holistic and integrated dental approach.

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Clients Satisfaction

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5 years ago

Dr. Surit is as great as they come. It is wonderful to find a dentist who really cares about her patrons teeth and treats the mouth with a mind towards the whole body. Her prices are reasonable and her calm polite temperament make the experience that much easier.

Arielle listokin
great holistic dentist
7 years ago

I've had a great experience w Dr. Avraham. She saved my teeth after multiple dentists wanted to give me implants. Instead she came up w a plan for my teeth that takes advantages of the latest materials and advances in dentistry. She is calm, reassuring, and reasonably priced. She is a also a perfectionist, which is wonderful in a dentist. She treats the mouth with a mind towards the whole body and uses the safest and most natural materials in doing so. Highly recommended!

7 years ago

I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Sarit Avraham. She works efficiently, not wasting time while doing a thorough and professional job. She is also sensitive to the person's needs, explains patiently and treats the person as a whole. She does not do unnecessary procedures, so one time when I did not need Novocaine for something small, I was happy to be able to skip it. I highly recommend her. Batya Yaniger 054-454-1481