Cleaning Jobs - Flex Hours


Cleaning Jobs - Flex Hours
Part Time, Full Time

Earn 9,000 NIS in 4 weeks with our Pesach jobs!

Pesach jobs available from March 26-April 21!

Apply now!

Year round jobs available as well:

Work part-time or full time! 

You get unlimited vacation days!

You pick your work schedule! 

Are you a student? Have another part-time job? You can create a custom-built work schedule around your current commitments. 

Who is My Cleaning Club??

We are a top-rated cleaning company dedicated to serving the Anglo community since 2012 -- both in terms of providing steady jobs and providing quality cleaning services for homes and offices. 

  • Do you need a job just for a short time, for example until you finish school? Until you join the army? We have short term jobs available!
  • Are you a student? Do you prefer a steady job for the long term, working just a few hours a week around your current school schedule? We can custom build a schedule that takes into account all your obligations!
  • Do you need a full-time job as your main source of income? We have that, too!
  • Do you need steady and reliable income with guaranteed work every week? Even with customers going away for the summer or holidays, we have alternative jobs for you so you can count on a steady income every month. Consistent jobs means consistent pay!
  • Part time or full time work, long-term or temporary. Work as many hours or as little hours as you like!
  • Work as a cleaner in homes, offices, vacation rentals, stairwells -- your choice!
  • Great company to work for!
  • You get an hourly wage plus travel, starting bonus plus regular bonuses from the company and tips from the customers. YOU determine your earnings!
  • You can earn 6,000-7,500 NIS or more per month working full time and long term. 
  • Training and all equipment provided (No previous experience necessary.) 
  • 40-60 NIS per hour + benefits
  • Flexible payment options- get paid how you like!
  • Tremendous room for growth-- option for promotion to management position.
  • Flexible days and times, including evenings and Fridays. You pick the schedule that's right for you! You work the days that you want and the times that you want. 
  • All legal and Jewish holidays are off!
  • Work close to home! 
  • Locations available: Jerusalem, Maaleh Adumim, Mevaseret Tzion, Gush Etzion, Bet Shemesh and more
  • Plus: we pay for your Bituach Leumi, pension, holidays, sick days, vacation days, election days, severance pay, Keren Hishtalmut, and all other required social benefits!
  • Family-oriented company.

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