Livewire Electrical Solutions- Yosef Sherman.


Livewire Electrical Solutions- Yosef Sherman.

Shalom, My name is Yosef Sherman. I am an experienced, fully licensed (חשמלאי מוסמך), insured, and "on the books" electrician offering intelligent solutions for all of your residential/business electrical needs including Troubleshooting (short circuits, black outs), Installations (ceiling fans, exhaust fans, light fixtures, a/c lines), updating old and unsafe electrical panels, Renovations, and Preparation for three phase upgrades. Phone lines and network lines.

My customers include:

*Amutat Ateret Kohanim

*Yedidut Toronto/ Migdal Dona

*Amutat Ohr Lanefesh

*Yeshivat Bircas HaTorah

*Kollel Bonei Yerushalayim

*Jeff Seidel's Student Center

*Upscale property management services throughout Jerusalem

Proud member of BNI Jerusalem

All work guaranteed. Service with integrity.
Serving the Greater Jerusalem area and beyond
Shomer Shabbat
Jewish Labor

Call today and let my expertise work for you. Advice calls are free!  

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Clients Satisfaction

Fantastic Service
2 years ago

Yosef is a professional and a mentch, a combination that's not easy to find. He was very patient and answered all of my questions, including ones that had nothing to do with the job I hired him for. He is pleasant to work with and even asked for a broom and dustpan to clean up after he was done! American service in Israel, what more could you ask for?

Avril Gilmour
2 years ago

After moving in to a fully renovated apartment in Nachlaot we became aware(as the result of an electrical issue) that our main electrical infrastructure from the electrical meter to our apartment had been done improperly thus necessitating an in depth repair. We contacted the main contractor who claimed it to be impossible to fix and then sent his electrician over who claimed the same thing. We obtained an inspection by another electrician who said the only way to deal with the problem was to run a cable across 3 apartments from the meter box at the base of the building to our leach. The estimated cost was 10,000 shekels plus the problem of permissions. We were then referred through a close friend to his electrician, Yosef Sherman Yosef discussed the issues with us and worked on finding a solution or a way to bring a new electrical feed from downstairs into our apartment. We made a plan together and scheduled another visit. Within 3 hours Yosef and his team had the issue fixed. They succeeded where others didn

Jackie Shore
Need a reliable Electrician?
2 years ago

Yosef Sherman will answer your phone call in a timely fashion. He will set up a mutually convenient time to come to your home. Will up-date you as to his time of arrival. Very patient in explaining the electrical problem you have and the best way to remedy the situation. Polite, responsible and dependable.

Kathryn Wallach
2 years ago

Very responsive to questions. Came when scheduled. Knowledgeable, reliable, worked efficiently and is honest. Solved my problems and price was more than reasonable. I would definitely highly recommend Yosef.

Ruben Misrahi
As with good doctors... wait for him
2 years ago

When I pick a doctor, even if I have to wait I don't risk it and wait until he/she his available. I rarely recommend people because it's quite a responsibility. I can recommend Yosef without the least of hesitations. He's good at what he does, knowledgeable, honest and reasonable priced. He did my garden and even though we found some difficulties, he kept to the task until my wife and I said were happy.

Top Notch Electrician!
3 years ago

Honest, Reliable, Skilled, Professional, Reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

Carol Eisenberger
Great Electrician!
3 years ago

Yoseph Sherman of Livewire is an excellant electrician! So happy that I had been given his name as a recommendation. He arrived when scheduled, worked efficiently, did more than originally requested, and all with the most pleasant work ethic. Now I can recommend him to you and others too.

David Klahr
Highly recommended
5 years ago

Yosef dealt with all the issues very quickly and at a very reasonable price. Will definitely use him again

Lennie Wurtzel
6 years ago

Solved all problems I called him for. Worked quickly and professionally. Price was very fair.

judith lebovits
Highly recommended
6 years ago

Yosef is prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable. Having just moved, there were new projects, as well as corrections and repairs. Everything was done with a smile and great attitude. We are most happy to be able to highly recommend Yosef and his work.

Excellent service
6 years ago

Yosef came when he promised and did the job efficiently. I highly recommend him.

Shoshana Drimer
Excellent and professional service.
6 years ago

We found Yoseph on Janglo when we had an electrical emergency. Yoseph not only responded quickly but in a reasonable amount of time he figured out what was causing our power outages - the fridge! We've since had occasion to call him again. He is extremely professional, competent and honest. And his fee is reasonable and competitive. We highly recommend him.

Rivka Lichtner
Top-notch electrician!!!
6 years ago

We just moved into a new office, and only on the day of the move discovered that we had an issue with phone lines which required an electrician. In a business, as you can imagine, phone, fax, and Internet lines are absolutely vital, so it was urgent to find an electrician immediately. A couple of people came and decided that it was too complicated a job for them, and I was getting desperate. Fortunately, I then found Yosef, who was a lifesaver. Not only did he come promptly, but unlike many service providers who moan and groan when faced with a difficult job (this was a really tough one, as the Bezeq technician attested to), Yosef was actually happy to be given a challenge! He and his assistant worked tirelessly and with a smile to install our lines, and everything worked perfectly. I'm so glad that I called Yosef, and from now on, he is our electrician. Highly recommended!

Ann Brodsky
Excellent Electrician
6 years ago

Yosef is prompt, personable, and above all professional. We were extremely pleased with his expert workmanship. He went "above and beyond" by ensuring that our installation was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I wish I had an electrician of his caliber in the U.S.!

nina ayelegne
nina a
6 years ago

I called Yosef with an emergency on a Friday morning and he came over within an hour and a half. He was professional, efficient, very pleasant and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend him, and plan to use his services again.

Nechama Koren
Great Service
6 years ago

Fast,efficient and knowledgeable. Very happy with the job he did and the time it took to do it. Would call him again.

Yaacov Prupis
Highly recommended
6 years ago

We refer Yosef to many clients of ours. His work is aesthetic and done right. No hassles. When we need work for our own projects we call him in as well. Always pleased.

Great Electrician
7 years ago

Honest, experienced, and friendly electrician. Very nice to work with. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Libi Bamizrach
Super Electrician
7 years ago

What can I say? Arrives on time. Knows his stuff. Reasonably priced. Works neatly. Overall nice guy/mentch. Now to find the plummer, carpenter, lawyer, Indian chief version

Liron K
Go-to electrician
7 years ago

Yosef is courteous and very professional. He has helped us with various electrical issues over the years. He is patient and will get to the bottom of the problem. Beyond fixing the issue, he goes the extra mile, checking and guiding us on the safety of our household electricity. We highly recommend Yosef, and will continue to utilize his services.

Excellent electrician
7 years ago

Yosef is prompt, efficient, does the job right, with a personal touch. I highly recommend for all your electrical needs. Gili Houpt

Benny Halberstadt
I would use Yosef next time...
7 years ago

He has patience, came on time and the charges were reasonable

Israel Optical
8 years ago

Yosef came on time, provided professional, great service and was priced fairly. He also was careful too keep the store clean and cleaned up after he was done. I would recommend him and would use him again. Israel optical
Yosef is the man!
8 years ago

Yosef is the best. I called him to install my expensive light fixtures. He gives American courteous service, something very rare around here. He did everything carefully and precisely, even helped me out with other things around the house. I would definitely recommend him. Yissochar Berg.

Ariel Ephraim Weisberg
8 years ago

Yosef always does a thorough job. If you need a reliable, trustworthy electrician, he's your guy! Hands down....

Highly Recommended
8 years ago

Great job, easy to work with, very honest! Highly recommended!

Zerach Seidman
switch / Outlet fixed
8 years ago

Yosef came over and fixed a light switch and an outside outlet. very professional! very nice! prices are inline and gave me estimates on some other lighting fixture work. I would highly recommend and will be using his services again.

Suzanne Selengut
8 years ago

Yosef is a gifted electrician who is dedicated and one of the hardest workers I have ever met. I have used his services several times and each time he has helped make my home safe while also offering me greater convenience at a very affordable rate. I highly recommend him for any renter or homeowner.

Kate Deutsch
8 years ago

I an very happy to reccomend Yosef to anyone who needs an electrician. He is honest, reliable, nice and on time. Got the job done quickly and efficiantly. Thank you!!

ephraim sternberg
Job Well Done!!!!!
8 years ago

Yosef put fans and lighting in our yeshiva beis medrash and did a terrific job! He is affordable, pleasant to deal with, and very accomidating!!! He was so honest and helpful with all decisions that had to be made. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any job you need well done!!!

Pesach Rothberg
8 years ago

yosef is a top-notch, honest professional who knows the ins and outs of the trade. his services are invaluable and the quality of his work is of the highest caliber. go with yosef for all of your household repairs. you'll be glad you did.

Hillel Zeren
Yosef Hatzadik!
8 years ago

Yosef knows what he's doing. He is professional and pleasant. Will do the work well and effeciently.!

Great electrician!
8 years ago

Yosef recently did some work for me in my new home. He is professional and courteous as well as extremely knowledgeable and talented. I can't recommend him highly enough! He did an amazing job; without question I would hire him back for future work.

Shan Neril
Great Electrician
9 years ago

Responsible and very knowledgeable. Got the job done fast and with ease. I highly recommend Yosef.

Jay Cohen
9 years ago

Honest. Punctual. Great service!

Y Friedman
Office Manager
9 years ago

Yosef Sherman has worked for us on a weekly basis for a year and a half taking care of our electrical and general maintenance needs that arise. I have found Yosef to be very professional, thorough, honest, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Navah Mozeson
Honest, Reliable, Electrician Plus
9 years ago

We call Yosef for all of our electrical needs. Installing, repairing, diagnosing. Reasonable and does more than electrical work.

Jenny Weisberg
I recommend Yosef Sherman VERY highly!!!
9 years ago

Yosef Sherman has been doing electrical as well as other household repairs for us for about 3 or 4 years now. He is a highly skilled electrician and repairman who is also a tremendous mensch. My husband and I recommend him VERY highly!!! Chana Jenny Weisberg,