Golan Telecom Agent - Signup To Golan - Worldwide Shipping


Golan Telecom Agent - Signup To Golan - Worldwide Shipping


"Prepaid Online" is affiliated with "Golan Telecom"
we signup students or anyone traveling to Israel for long-term, you can order the Golan sim card to be delivered worldwide and only active the sim the day before you arrive in Israel, Order the Golan sim at www.golanisraelsim.com

short-term travelers and frequent travelers should buy a prepaid sim card for Israel at www.Prepaidisraelisim.com 

 Golan Telecom has been offering the cheapest postpaid plan available in Israel for the past 5 years, 
Golan offers the best deal you will find in Israel with many extra feathers that no other provider offers!

If you are traveling to Israel as a student or if you will be living in Israel you should signup with Golan and join the fastest growing cellular provider in Israel, benefit from the wide range of services that Golan offers and still pay the cheapest price.

The Golan Basic plan includes:

checkbox.jpg Unlimited Calls to any landline or cellphone in Israel
 checkbox.jpg 500 Minutes to any line in USA, Canada or calls to any landline in 55 countries
checkbox.jpg DATA 40GB at 4G speed 

checkbox.jpg Unlimited SMS in Israel
checkbox.jpg 100 Minutes to call Jordan and other Palestinian networks
Virtual USA and UK phone numbers
checkbox.jpg voicemail & caller ID
checkbox.jpg Available in Standard, Micro or Nano size
checkbox.jpg Kosher SIM cards Available
checkbox.jpg Compatible with any unlocked device
checkbox.jpg Online Control panel to make any changes

The SIm Includes: ♦ Instruction guide in English ♦ sim card holder ♦ Iphone pin 

Only 99 Shekel Total including VAT

Onetime fee of 49 Shekel will be charged on signup, after the first charge your credit card will be charged 99 Shekel on every 15th of the month

 To sign up with the Golan service visit www.golanisraelsim.com, you will need to provide your Credit Card information and the start date to have the service activated, after the signup is complete you will receive your online login and phone number , on your account you can make any changes like change payment method to Paypal, change numbers, add more numbers (up to 3 for the same line), get 2 virtual numbers USA and UK, block unwanted services and much more, the website has 5 languages including English.

After you order the sim card and signup Golan you will be billed by Golan for the monthly plan until you cancel, any issue you have with the service must be dealt directly with the provider.

 We offer delivery to anywhere in the world for $29 any additional sim is $15  ! 

♦ Shipping in USA, Canada, UK 5-7 days 

♦ Shipping in Israel 2-3 business days via "Doar 24" 

Worldwide: Within 14 business days, via international first class mail

♦ Shipping to Europe will usually arrive within 10 days 

Express Shipping
♦ USA, Canada, UK expedited shipping via UPS

♦ EMS international expedited shipping

♦ 24 Hour courier shipping for (Israel only)

 Signup for Golan Telecom online and have the sim card delivered to your home before you arrive in Israel,


The Golan signup service is for students, Olim or any tourist traveling to Israel for a long-term stay, short-term travelers and frequent travelers should buy a prepaid Israel at www.Prepaidisraelisim.com