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Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Workshops

Holistic, Swedish and Therapeutic Massage for Women:

Renew your Health | Release built up Tension | Improve your Circulation | Enhance your Mobility and Flexibility | Regulate your Mood and Emotional release | Decrease Pain and Discomfort | Increase your Energy | Aid your Digestion | Improve your Quality of Sleep

All ages welcome.

Consultations and Workshops:

Manage your Stress | Time Management | Leading a Balanced Lifestyle | Nurturing ourselves as Women | Learn how to learn (for students) | Be Assertive | Self-Esteem and Self- Belief | Motivation and Energy | Work competency and Vocational Skills

From Teens to 120!

To book or for more info contact:

Chana Janovsky | Occupational Therapist and Massage Therapist