The Natural Choice Bakery


The Natural Choice Bakery

 The Natural Choice Bakery - Natural Ingredients only

!We deliver to Beit Shemesh and other areas 

In our bakery we use only natural ingredients with no preservatives. Our baked goods are made from unique flours such as whole wheat, organic spelt and whole rye flour and include yeast free breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, pita bagels, with no gluten or sugar added. Under the supervision of Belz Hashgacha.

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The Natural Choice – Healthy can be tasty!


Clients Satisfaction

Jonathan Abraham
Uniquely Healthy
6 years ago

The food tastes great AND makes your body feel healthy.

Zev Stub
One of Jerusalem's best bakeries!
7 years ago

The best place for unique healthy breads and pastries. It's been around for years.