Payroll Processing Clerk - Work from Home


Payroll Processing Clerk - Work from Home
Work from home

Payroll Processing Clerk - Work from Home

Accurate, timely and cost-effective payroll processing is the foundation upon which our company has been built. Consequently, our Payroll Processing Clerks are the heart and soul of our company. They are the point of contact with our clients and the person our clients’ employees count on.

Payroll Clerk Receive payroll receives and/or obtains payroll information in several different ways, handles, processes and executes payments and paychecks, oversees payroll changes, deductions, bonuses, vacation pay and compensation, enters employee’s personal information into payroll database, manages workflow, ensures accurate and timely payroll and troubleshoots issues as necessary.


In the first year, the successful team member will be responsible for learning and utilizing the following skills and tools:

• software, including but not limited to FrontDesk, ExecuPay, Zendesk, QuickBooks, PPX, PlatinumPay, ExecuPay and TimeClock.

• Essential terms and abbreviations associated with payroll processing

• State and federal regulations governing payroll processing

• Procedures for different incoming payroll types

• Regular and customized timesheets, as well as different payroll reports

• Phone, e-mail and on-line payroll support

• Custom spreadsheets


Because they provide the company's core service, it is essential that every Payroll Processing Clerk have a strong personal commitment to excellence, professionalism, integrity and customer service. They must have:

• Strong analytical skills

• Attention to detail

• Above average math skills and enjoy working with numbers

• Ability to multitask

• Strong organizational skills

• Effective communications skills (verbal and written)

• Computer literacy

• Discretion and sound judgement

• Past experience with Payroll preferred

• Past experience working with numbers

Position is working remotely from home 30-40 weekly hours with at least 4 hours a day overlapping NY working time.

To apply click!/ce8eb1eb-fa13-4fa1-88d1-1c9fb4d622b7/detail or email [email protected]


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