Mobile Computerized Automotive Diagnostics


Mobile Computerized Automotive Diagnostics

Don't Change Parts: Diagnose!

Have you ever went to a mechanic who told you such and such part is the source of your engine's problem, only to have that part changed and the problem not go away?  Then be told another part needed to be changed and the problem still not go away?  And so on and so on?

The way most garages operate is that they diagnose based on symptoms and experience what common causes of those symptoms are, without engaging in detailed and logic based testing.  That type of diagnosis leads to the above described situation.

At Shriver Mobile Auto Diagnostics we specialize in computerized, scientific, and precise diagnosis.

For most cars sold in Israel since 2003, and for select vehicles as far back as 1990, we can connect directly to the car's engine computer to aid in our diagnosis.  But we don't stop there.  In order to verify with near 100% certainty many electrical and mechanical problems we use an automotive oscilloscope to directly read the electrical signals from the various sensors and components in the car.  Those tools, together with scientific reasoning and a deep understanding of the electrical and mechanical principles that the engine operates on allows us to arrive at a diagnosis with an extremly high level of confidence.

Our price for a diagnosis is a flat rate of 75 NIS if you come to our location in Kiryat Yovel, or we can come to you for between 100 to 150 NIS depending on driving distance.  Don't have your car towed when we can diagnosis it where it's parked.

We can also help with the import of small parts such as sensors and ignition coils, which usually can only be bought at dealerships and are typically extremely expensive.  We can typically import them for less than 1/2 of the local price, including shipping and our 100 NIS fee.  In most cases, they can be installed for free.  We have a detailed parts catalouge for all cars sold in Israel with OEM part numbers, so you don't have to worry about accidentally ordering the wrong part.


Clients Satisfaction

Saved me allot of money
3 years ago

My car was shifting funny and would sometimes be unable to accelerate. I haven't had much experience with mechanics here, but back in New York it was a known thing that mechanics treat women differently and try to take advantage of them. The garage that checked the car said that it needed a new transmission, which would be around 3000 shekels. I got a second opinion from Robert, who after hooking his computer up to the car found that there was a bad sensor in the transmission. He found the sensor online for about 100 shekels, it arrived in the mail after about a week and once he installed it the car drove fine. I would say it's worth getting a second opinion ( or even a first one ) from someone who's only job is to tell you what's wrong with the car. Robert saved me allot of money, and was pleasant, taking the time to explain to me exactly what the problem was and why it was occurring, in language that I could understand.