Geopolitical tour of Jerusalem


Geopolitical tour of Jerusalem

Geopolitical Tour of Jerusalem

Tour Duration: About 4 hours
For: Anyone interested in understanding the Jerusalem issues in depth, with all its complexities. The tour will enable you to formulate an educated position on the future of Jerusalem based on facts and data in the field.   

About the tour
We will learn about today's Jerusalem on five levels:
1. Geography - What is East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, what are the current and historic borders of Jerusalem
2. Demography - How the different populations of Jerusalem are divided, how many Jews and Arabs live in East / West Jerusalem
3. International law - what rights does Israel have in international law, who has title over Jerusalem
4. Security - What are the security challenges of Jerusalem today and what will be the implications of dividing Jerusalem?
5. Strategic  - What suggestions and plans are there for solving Jerusalem's problems (from the left and the right)

Tour Route: (Changes may be required as needed and time constraints)
1. Ammunition Hill - the battle for Jerusalem
2. Nabi Samuel (Tomb of Samuel the Prophet) - rooftop observation overlooking all of Jerusalem (east and west)
3. Qalandiya checkpoint - travel through Atarot, Jewish and Arab neighborhoods and along the security barrier.
4. King Hussein Palace - a closer look at East Jerusalem and neighborhoods beyond the security barrier.
5. Mount Scopus or Mount of Olives observation (depending on road and time constraints)
Keep Jerusalem - אם אשכחך is a non-profit dealing with public education on the issue of Jerusalem. We have given these tours to tens of thousands of tourists from Israel and abroad, Knesset members, US congressmen and members of parliament from all over the world, as well as various media and public opinion leaders from Israel and around the world.
Each tour participant will receive a booklet of facts and a map illustrating the reality in Jerusalem today.
Please bring hats, water and walking shoes. You can also bring binoculars.

Tours to be scheduled in advance and are given in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Private tour (up to 7 participants) - NIS 1300 ($360).
Participation in a group tour (from 8 participants or more) - 150 NIS per person.

Tour Registration:
You can also contact Sami Benoliel  [email protected] and tel: 0507-944-535

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